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Magnet Fishing In The Ocean

As a magnet fisher; whether new or old, have you ever thought about magnet fishing in the ocean? I can imagine you chuckling at that thought. This is probably because of the depth of the ocean or because of the strong waves and tides in the ocean. So, you think this is a bad idea. … Read more

How To Avoid Losing Your Fishing Magnet

Losing a fishing magnet is one of the things magnet fishers dread the most. When this happens, most magnet fishers are always left heartbroken and downtrodden. Besides, who won’t be sad when his/her precious magnet (regardless of the price) is down at the bottom of the water? The question remains; ‘are there ways to prevent … Read more

Tips To Ensure Success In Magnet Fishing

Magnet fishing is a fun activity only when you are successful at it. This is why beginners and pros alike always look for tips to ensure success in magnet fishing. Besides, it is always better to learn from other people’s mistakes than making them yourself. In light of this, we will be highlighting some of … Read more

Best Places to go Magnet Fishing for Guns

When people opt for magnet fishing hobby, they often look for safes and cash boxes. The thing they don’t perceive is guns are also one the greatest finds in magnet fishing. They aren’t the common find, but they come up regularly when you are least expecting them. Many magnet fishing hobbyists have found guns in … Read more

Tips For Magnet Fishing With Kids

Magnet fishing is great for entertaining kids. It injects curiosity in their veins and compels them to study history. Besides, it is a great source of exercise too as they throw and retrieve the magnet over and over to find something valuable. However, when it comes to the kids, it is pertinent to be careful. … Read more

Single vs Double-Sided Fishing Magnets

Singled sided vs Double-sided magnets

Single vs Double-Sided Fishing Magnets All magnets are not equal, and different magnets are better in different situations. Everyone knows you need a great pulling force to pull up the heaviest loads up out of the water. But that is far from the only or the most important variable you should consider before choosing which … Read more

Magnet Fishing Knots

We learn the skill of magnet fishing by tying its knots. Since if you don’t know how to tie good knots, you can drop your expensive magnet and some valuable assets as well. In this guide, we are going to reveal which knots are the best for magnet fishing and what type of knot not … Read more

How To Clean Magnet Fishing Finds

Most of your magnet fishing finds are going to be covered in rust. They won’t be in pristine shape and have a deformed outer surface since they have spent months, years, or even decades underwater. The oxidization and corrosion eat the metal and deteriorate its physical properties. If you have pulled out a rare find, … Read more