The 6 Best Ropes for Magnet Fishing (Complete 2021 Buying Guide)

The 6 Best Ropes for Magnet Fishing (Complete 2021 Buying Guide)

Most magnet fishers tend to focus only on buying the best magnet for magnet fishing. They do this while forgetting another important piece that can determine their success in magnet fishing – the rope. Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of people lose their magnets when they are magnet fishing. And this is mostly because they do not have good ropes.

Anybody that wants to be successful in magnet fishing should be armed with a good magnet and a good rope. Our focus here will be on ropes. We will be teaching you how to get the best ropes for magnet fishing. Also, we will be writing a detailed review of magnet fishing ropes to help you choose better.

Review Of The Best Ropes For Magnet Fishing

We have succeeded in teaching you how to choose the best ropes for magnet fishing. And just as we promised, we will be reviewing some of these ropes.

1. GM Climbing Accessory Cord Rope 8mm

GM Climbing 8mm Accessory Cord Rope 19kN Double Braid Perfect for Magnet Fishing


  • It has a pulling weight of 4200 lbs
  • High abrasion resistant
  • Comes in various lengths
  • It is lightweight
  • Double braided


  • None
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Choosing the best rope for magnet fishing is not an easy task. Yet, we didn’t think twice before putting the GM Climbing Accessory Cord Rope in this list. The reason is very simple – it’s quality. It leaves us with little wonder this rope is a best seller.

This rope comes in different sizes of 20 feet, 50 feet, and a hundred feet. This gives you a choice on the length that suits you better. However, we’ll advise that you go for the 100 feet size as this will give you more freedom when magnet fishing.

Furthermore, the manufacturers made the rope out of polyester material. And this is the recommended rope material for magnet fishing because it lasts longer than other types of rope. Also, this rope has a good grip which makes it easy to pull.

Again, it is high abrasion resistance which means there is little chance of it scraping or wearing. In light of this, rest assured that you will use the rope for a very long time. Besides, the rope is also double-braided which further guarantees its durability.

Another important feature we like about this rope is that it is resistant to moisture. This rope does very well against water which is exactly what is needed for magnet fishing. Also, it has high strength and can pull a weight of up to 4,200 lbs without breaking.

Moreover, if you are looking for a lightweight rope, The GM Climbing Accessory Cord Rope is a good option. It is so light that you might not feel its weight in your backpack. Finally, most products tend to have bad features however, this rope is different. We could not point to any of its flaws.

2. Woodland Home Deluxe Magnet Fishing Rope And Carabiner

Woodland Deluxe Magnet Fishing Rope and Carabiner 8mm Diameter 52 Feet 200 LB Factory Rated


  • It has a 2000lb pulling strength
  • The rope comes with a carabiner
  • Ideal for different weather conditions
  • It is suitable for many uses


  • The rope could be longer
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The next rope for on our list is the Woodland Home Deluxe Magnet Fishing Rope And Carabiner. First, the rope is made from durable polyester rope material. In light of this, rest assured that the rope will stand the test of time.

Furthermore, the rope has a 2000 lb strength which means it is strong enough to lift most of your finds. Besides, the rope’s strength is mostly because it has an 8mm diameter width. And if you recall, we stated that this is the right rope width for magnet fishing.

Also, we like that the rope has a stitched end which means the rope will not loosen when in use. Again, its other end has a strong carabiner. And as we all know, a carabiner is important for magnet fishing. And with this in place, you do not need to go searching for a carabiner anymore.

It also has a length of 52 feet which is good enough for magnet fishing purposes. However, it would have been great if it was longer. If you are a lover of colors, you will also like this rope. It comes in bright orange and it just adds a certain ‘swagger’ to your magnet fishing accessories.

Again, you can use the rope for so many activities. You can use it for camping, climbing, engineering work and many more. Besides, another feature of the rope we like is that it maintains its strength in every weather condition.

Finally, to attest to its quality, the manufacturers placed a lifetime guarantee on the rope. This is great to see as it further gives the customers a feeling of satisfaction.

3. NIECOR Static Climbing & Magnet Fishing Rope

NIECOR Static Magnet Fishing Rope 8mm Diameter 32 ft 64 ft and 98 ft


  • Non-slip rope
  • The rope doesn’t stretch
  • It comes in different sizes.
  • It comes with a carabiner


  • Tensile strength is 660 pounds
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We have reviewed two ropes made from polyester material. Now, we are going to review a static rope. Our focus now is on The NIECOR Static Climbing & Magnet Fishing Rope. First, the rope was made while conforming to strict safety standards. With this rope, rest assured that you will have little or no cases of slipping.

Also, this is an 8mm rope which gives it great strength. Not only that, but the manufacturers made the rope from 22 whole core rope. Besides, they also claim that most of their competitors use less than 13 whole core rope. In light of this, you will find that this is one rope that won’t break easily under pressure.

Lest we forget, the rope has a low ductility feature which means it doesn’t stretch. And it is well known that ropes that do not stretch tend to last longer. Besides, the rope is light and easy to knot. Also, it comes in various sizes. You have a choice of getting the rope in 32 feet, 64 feet, and 98 feet. However, we’ll recommend that you go for the 98 feet rope.

Furthermore, the manufacturers fitted a carabiner to the rope which is also a good plus. In general, this is a good rope for magnet fishing. However, it has a maximum tensile strength of 660 pounds. This is on the low side and it would have been great if the rope is stronger.

4. Syiswei Nylon Fishing Rope & Carabiner

Syiswei Nylon Fishing Rope and Carabiner 65 ft 1102 lb 6mm 8mm magnet fishing rope


  • It can lift a weight of up to 1102 pounds
  • 6mm diameter makes it easy to knot
  • The rope is resistant to tearing
  • It comes with a carabiner
  • 100% money-back guarantee


  • Tensile force should be higher
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Are you looking for the best nylon magnet fishing rope? Then look no further than the Syiswei Nylon Fishing Rope & Carabiner. It is 65 feet long which is great for a shallow stream or pond.

Furthermore, it has an 1102 lb weight pulling power. And we can all agree that this will serve most magnet fishing needs. Also, it has a width of 6mm which makes it easy to tie and knot. Besides, its 6mm diameter also means that the rope is pretty strong.

Lest we forget, the rope has a maximum tensile force of 617 pounds. This is quite on the low side. Because of this, do not use this rope for climbing. Because you should be wary about the rope breaking. However, this doesn’t mean that the rope isn’t strong but it is just we advising you to be careful.

Also, the manufacturers fitted it with a carabiner which will be useful when you are magnet fishing. We also like that the rope comes in two colors – black and orange and you can choose any one that suits your style.

Finally, the manufacturers placed a 100% money-back guarantee on the rope. This means that if you’re not satisfied with the rope, you can always ask for a refund or a replacement. With this, you can have a reasonable assurance that this is a quality rope.

5. Loreso Strong Magnet Fishing Rope

Loreso Magnet Fishing Rope w Carabiner 1200 Lb Pulling Force Limit


  • Mildew, and tear-resistant
  • It comes with a carabiner
  • Lightweight and compact
  • High tensile force


  • Can hurt your hands
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Another best rope for magnet fishing is the Loreso Strong Magnet Fishing Rope. The manufacturers made the rope from high-end polyester material. The rope isn’t susceptible to abrasion. Because of this, you can use this rope for years without worrying about wearing and tearing.

Furthermore, the rope has a 1200 pounds maximum tensile force with a 600 kg weight limit. With this, you can rest assured that the rope will withstand most of the pressure you can put on it when magnet fishing. Also, the rope is lightweight and compact which makes it easy to carry.

Besides, it is also tear-resistant and mildew resistant. Speaking of the length, this is a 65 feet rope. The length should be enough to serve your magnet fishing needs. However, we all know that sometimes, more length is needed to reach more depth.

Again, it comes with a carabiner which means you can buy and use it immediately provided you have a magnet. Besides, there’s an option to buy this rope with the Loreso magnet. But this comes at an extra cost. However, we’ll advise against that option because their magnet is not one of the best you can find.

Also, the manufacturers of the rope claim that the rope is soft. Yet, there have been cases of the rope hurting the hands of the users. In light of this, you should always put on a fishing glove before using the rope.

6. NAWEIDA 10mm Outdoor Rope

NAWEIDA 10mm Outdoor Rope


  • It is rot and tear-resistant
  • Can hold up to 2000 lbs of weight
  • Extremely durable
  • It is a multipurpose rope


  • It is hard to knot
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The last but not the least rope for magnet fishing is the NAWEIDA 10mm Outdoor Rope. This is another polyester rope on our list and the manufacturers made it with quality in mind. Because of this, you will find that the rope is extremely durable and capable of withstanding extreme pressure.

Moreover, you can successfully carry a load of up to 2000 lbs with this rope. This shows how strong the manufacturers made it. Besides, the rope’s strength is also due to it having a 10mm diameter. Whilst this width size is great, it also has its downside. And this is due to it being hard to knot or tie. Because of this, you will have to take extra care to knot the rope successfully.

Furthermore, it is rot and tear-resistant. But make sure you keep it away from sharp objects to protect it from fraying. You can also use the rope for different activities like camping, hiking, mountain climbing, etc. Lest we forget, it comes in black and yellow colors which give you a choice to choose the color that suits you.

How To Choose The Best Rope For Magnet Fishing

Before choosing a rope for magnet fishing, it is important to know what to look out for. Check out the factors to consider before choosing the best rope for magnet fishing below.


The most important factor to consider when choosing the best rope for magnet fishing is the rope’s material. Also, there are different types of magnet fishing ropes. However, the best ones are; polyester rope, static rope, and paracord rope.

Moreover, out of the three types of rope we mentioned, the polyester rope is our first choice. And this is not without good reason. With a polyester rope, you are assured of a longer lifespan compared to other rope types. Also, a polyester rope is easy to pull because it doesn’t slip from the hands.

You can also go for a paracord rope. The major benefit of the paracord rope is the pulling power it gives which is superior compared to other ropes. With the static rope, you can easily pull your heavy finds. The reason is; it doesn’t stretch and it packs a lot of strength too.

Length Of The Rope

When magnet fishing, you should think about how deep into the water you expect your magnet to go. This should determine the length of the rope you buy. But in the general sense, you should go for ropes that are up to 70 feet. With a length like this, you are more inclined to reach the right depth to get an interesting pull.

Besides, there is no harm in buying a longer rope. The reason is that sometimes, you might need to lower your magnet deeper into the water to get an interesting find.

Load Strength Of The Rope

Buying a rope with a huge pulling strength can make a lot of difference in not losing your magnet. When a rope has high load strength, you will find that the rope is capable of working under the highest strain possible.

However, it might be hard to know the pulling strength of the rope. You should check the product information to see if the manufacturers indicate this. Besides, if they do not indicate this, you can always check the rope’s diameter.

On average, when a rope with a 1mm diameter can pull weight of up to 56kg. Keep this calculation in mind whenever you want to buy a rope for magnet fishing. It will be of great use to you.

The Rope’s Width

We talked about this briefly in the previous point. But the reason the width is important again is for knotting or tying purposes. You do not want a rope that will be hard to knot or tie. Also, you do not want a rope that is easy to tie but also has weak load strength.

In light of this, you should always try to strike a balance between the strength and the thickness. A rope that combines these two features well will be of a diameter between 6 and 10mm. When you get this rope size, you do not only get a strong rope, but also a rope that gives you an excellent knot.


When buying the best rope for magnet fishing, you should not configure your mind to look for the cheapest rope. If you do this, the probability of you buying a low-quality rope is high. Yet, because a rope is expensive does not mean it is of high quality.

To get the best rope, put together a list of the ropes with the previous points we mentioned. If the ropes tick these boxes, then there’s a good chance that it is quality regardless of the price. Moreover, you can still proceed to choose the cheapest rope from your shortlist. So, by doing this, you are assured of getting a quality rope at a good price.

Pro Tips For Maintaining And Handling A Magnet Fishing Rope

It is not enough to buy a quality rope for magnet fishing. You should also maintain the rope properly. Besides, when you maintain your rope, rest assured that you can get more years out of it. Here are some tips to maintain and handle a magnet fishing rope.

Keep The Rope Dry

When not in use, make sure the rope is dry. This is because, sometimes, the rope weakens when it gets soaked. Also, make sure you do not dry the rope in the sun. And the reason for this that the sun emits UV rays which can weaken the rope.

Clean The Rope

Your magnet fishing rope is like your other tools and it needs to be clean after use. Endeavor to wipe off dirt, oil, or sand that might be on the rope after use. When this is done, your rope will last for a longer time.

Keep Away From Sharp Edges

Keeping your ropes close to sharp edges or objects is a recipe for disaster. The reason is simple; the sharp edges or objects can make your rope to fray. This, in turn, leads to a shorter lifespan for your rope.

Frequently Asked Questions

The internet is filled with lots of unanswered questions about ropes for magnet fishing. Besides, some people have given up about ever getting their questions answered. Well, today is a good day because we will be answering some of these questions.

QUESTION: What Is The Best Material For Magnet Fishing Ropes?

ANSWER: Polyester remains the best material for magnet fishing ropes. Polyester ropes tend to have a high tensile strength which makes them ideal for magnet fishing.

QUESTION: Where should I Store My Magnet Fishing Rope

ANSWER: If you want your rope to last for a long time, then keep it in a cool, dry, place. Make sure you keep it away from direct sunlight as this will reduce its life span.

QUESTION: Can Magnet Fishing Ropes Be Used For Other Activities?

ANSWER: The truth is; not all ropes are specially made for magnet fishing. Some of the ropes were made for climbing. And this does not mean you can’t use it for magnet fishing. Because of this, you can use some magnet fishing ropes for other activities.

QUESTION: How Long Does A Magnet Fishing Rope Last?

ANSWER: The lifespan of a rope depends on its quality. If the rope is of good quality, you can get decades out of it.

QUESTION: What Is The Ideal Pulling Strength Of A Magnet Fishing Rope?

ANSWER: When you are out magnet fishing, you never know what you can find. Because of this, we’ll advise that you get a rope with the highest pulling strength possible. However, on average, a rope with up to 1000 lbs pulling strength should be great.


There you have it for the best ropes for magnet fishing. Remember all the important factors that determine a good magnet fishing rope and you won’t have a problem choosing one. Besides, why do you have to worry about selecting a rope for magnet fishing when you can pick anyone from our list?

Again, we maintain that all the ropes that made it to our list of best ropes for magnet fishing are of the highest quality. In light of this, rest assured that you will have no problem choosing them.

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