500 LB Pull Force Fishing Magnet - Neodymium Magnet Review

500 LB Pull Force Fishing Magnet – Neodymium Magnet Review

Magnet fishing is like treasure hunting underwater. It is quite similar to metal detection, but here, you use powerful magnets to discover metal objects. Therefore, buying the right magnet is necessary to be successful. You should look for a magnet that contains a respectable pull force and a strong hook loop to attach a rope. Let’s look at a magnet we couldn’t recommend more: the 500 LBS Pull Force Neodymium Magnet by Hippo Magnets.

500 LBS Pull Force Neodymium Magnet KIT for Magnet Fishing – Hippo Magnets

This neodymium magnet is very strong! When it attaches to a piece of metal, it is quite hard to get it off.  It has a combined pull force of up to 500 pounds, afterall!

We were a bit skeptical at first due to its small size, but when we used it for magnet fishing, it surprised us utterly and pulled up bigger stuff. The only concern we had was to pull it off without breaking the rope and losing the magnet. We recommend using a strong Kevlar rope rated for 1,000 lbs. or any other strong, thin diameter rope.

In case you don’t already know what a neodymium magnet is, it is a rare-earth magnet made from neodymium, iron, and boron.

The neodymium magnets are also one of the strongest magnets commercially available in the world; they resist demagnetization and have a high saturation magnetization. They are often triple layers coated for maximum durability and protection against corrosion.

Below are some specific features of this neodymium magnet that will show you how it maximizes your chances of you actually finding the hidden treasures beneath our waters.

Best 500 lb Magnet Fishing Magnet

  • It has up to 500 LBS pull force, which facilitates pulling up heavy magnet treasures. Your hunting is strengthened with the 0.70″ thick steel too which gives it enough force concentration at the bottom of the water.
  • The triple layer helps in shielding the magnet from any cracking or chipping. It doesn’t corrode or lose its strength either. This coating encases this magnet in one neat, durable package; it will stay new and powerful even after years of use and give you the confidence that your magnet will retain its magnetic properties even under unfavorable conditions.
  • Due to its size, you won’t have any trouble navigating it through narrow spaces.
  • Its countersunk hole gives you the ability to attach or tie anything to your magnet. It is designed for providing the ease of use and preventing detachment, and in a way, it is essential also for magnet fishing. Without this countersunk hole, it would be almost impossible to pull up heavy metal objects.
  • The design of this magnet is highly versatile and goes with different kinds of tasks. Apart from magnet fishing, you can use it for holding/hanging tools, wiping hard drives, and scrap salvaging. Its base diameter is 2.95 inches while the thickness is 0.70 inches.
  • The Hippo Magnet Company gives a lifetime warranty. If you feel it has lost its combined pull force or the coating is damaged sooner than your expectations, contact their customer support team; they will buy it back from you. Though, keep in mind, the 500 LBS pull force is tested on an unpainted horizontal steel plate. If there is partial contact between this magnet and the metal object, the pull force can be a little less. But it will still be enough to find great, heavy treasures.
  • Lastly, it is immensely powerful and attracts objects with the magnetic field. For that reason, make sure it is far from such objects and out of the reach of children too.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Neodymium Magnet by Hippo Magnets

Here is a series of questions about neodymium magnet that are commonly asked by the customers.

What about 500 LBS pulling force? Is it good for magnet fishing?

Yes, the 500 LBS pulling force will satisfy the majority of hauls without feeling like you are missing out. There are 800 LBS and 1000 LBS pull force magnets too but they are for the extreme jobs. If you are just starting out, this (500 LBS) magnet will work like magic and scan the surface rather well. Its power shouldn’t be under-estimated.

Does the weight of this magnet matter?

The total weight of this neodymium magnet is just under 2 pounds. It is an ideal weight that works in a tight and inconvenient working condition. Some people think heavyweight magnets perform better as they have more pulling force. This is correct but heavy magnets are used for professional-level jobs. A magnet should be very easy to carry about and pulled easily.

Do you require any other equipment with this magnet?

With this magnet, don’t forget to buy a heavy glove and wear it while you are pulling out your goods. It is a smart choice and keeps you safe and sound. When you use this magnet in abandoned places, your finds are often rusted and sharp metal which can injure your hands if you aren’t wearing any gloves. It is also good to use insect-repellent to stay 100% safe.

Which technique works better with this neodymium magnet?

You can apply multiple techniques with this magnet. Dropping and pulling is one of the most popular techniques people use, but if you want to try something different, it can facilitate you in that as well, such as trolling with your trolling motor. You require more equipment for this method, however, this technique increases the chances to get something new.

What kind of glove protection do you suggest for this product?

We recommend PVC coated gloves like SHOWA and Galeton. They are flexible, soft, and non-irritating. The good thing about these gloves is they have a rough finish to secure your grip on slippery metals, besides the manufacturers have used soft cotton lining for comfort. Other than that, their material keeps your hands dry and protects against abrasion and chemicals.


Without a good magnet like Fishing Magnet (Hippo Magnets), magnet fishing can be a bust. Since in this hobby, the pulling force matters the most for treasure hunting underwater. For extraordinary results, you require a few more things such as good rope. All these accessories are important and determine your chances of finding metal treasures.

If you enjoyed this article and are ready for magnet fishing, buy this magnet, get outside, keep on exploring new places, and have some fun.

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