The Perfect Magnet Fishing Kit for Kids: The Brute Box Junior

The Perfect Magnet Fishing Kit for Kids: The Brute Box Junior

Looking to buy all the necessary magnet fishing items in one go? The Brute Magnetics Junior Kit if the perfect combination for the right price to get your kids our magnet fishing fast. These products come in at an affordable price and are high quality and proven by possibly the most popular brand in the industry.

Brute Magnetics designed this kit around a 300 Lb pull force 2.36″ diameter magnet that is paired with all of the supported equipment required to get started magnet fishing. If your child is curious and wishes to pursue this hobby, this kit comes in a robust and strong case to keep your kit organized and safe. It has everything that required for your little one to get out there and start finding treasures!

Brute Box Junior

Brute Magnetics Junior Kit For Kids

What’s in the box?

  • 2.36″ Neodymium Magnet with 300 LB Pull Force
  • 100 ft. Paracord Rope
  • Strong Carabiner
  • Threadlocker
  • Lightweight Hard Shell Case with foam inserts to organize kit contents
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300 Pound Pull Force Magnet

This magnet is a great size for a child and is very easy to handle.

It retrieves lost treasures in ponds, wells, rivers, and lakes. The 300 pounds of pulling force is more than ample for a child and is a load capacity that is used by professional magnet fishers in real world scenarios. For that reason, it is safe to say that the magnet is the best-selling feature of this kit. It is also one of the strongest types of magnet available in the market meaning that durable and can handle the abuse of any mishandling by children.

If you want to check its pulling force before testing it in the water, screw it into a wall and see how it holds heavy tools. It will be impressive to your young one and begin teaching them the fundamentals lessons of magnet fishing early.

You can use lights, signs, car parts, bicycle parts, and even the bicycle to check its force.

Brute Magnetics Junior Box Magnet Size Comparison

This magnet has some other special features too.

  • It developed with an A3 steel casing which is coated with nickel-copper-nickel. The coating particularly plays an important role in preventing chipping and cracking.
  • It is designed by professional engineers; it is durable and you can trust its quality.
  • The eyebolt is included which can be directly screwed into the steel base.
  • It comes with a new locknut system. This is a great plus as you don’t have to buy and count on the thread locker to secure your magnet.
  • It is possible to use it for other applications as well, such as lifting and hanging.

Why This Magnet Is Most Suitable For Kids

Magnet is arguably the most important part of a magnet fishing kit. Without a good magnet, you won’t be able to find treasure. Therefore, it doesn’t matter which magnet fishing kit you are planning to buy; make sure it has a quality magnet. I see a lot of kids advertised for children at even higher pull forces. But those kits are cheapily made and wont last long. An extra ten dollars is worth the durability and abuse these Brute Magnetics kits can take.

Before buying this kit, bear in mind, it has a one-sided magnet. This is partially because of the small magnet size and to keep its lightweight nature.

It means you can use the sink and pull method only especially from a bridge. It will not be very useful for throwing or dragging. This was a characteristic of every good magnet fishing kit we looked at for kids.

Even if you have a kayak, the sink and pull method is the only option. For that reason, as we have mentioned before, especially for a kid, having gloves is immensely important. They have to use their hands and arms a lot and hold the wet rope over and over again.

Brute Box Junior Magnet Fishing Kit For Kids 300 Lbs Magnet Review

The Right Supporting Equipment For A Balanced Kit

This Magnet fishing kit is designed around a pulling capacity of 300 Lbs. It is good for canals and ponds; however, you can’t count on it in rivers. This is simply because of the low pulling force of the magnet. If you are going to magnet fish in a river, we recommend a higher pulling capacity magnet, like the 1,200 Lb Brute Magnetics Magnet to pair with the rest of this kit.

The good thing about everything included in this kit, is that the magnet is actually the weakest link. The paracord, carabiner and threadlocker are all standard even in high pull force kits. You could simply upgrade your magnet and pair it with the included hardware of this kit.

We are positive you won’t catch anything which will cause these parts to break, though it is better to keep a few important things in mind.

  • We know all the equipment comes in the carry case, it is still good to use a rope bag. It doesn’t let the dirt impair the strength and safety of the rope.
  • Keep on switching the ends; don’t use the same end for tying your magnet. The water or mud can slowly damage it. Switching ends on a constant basis prolongs the rope’s life.
  • Store it away from heat, sunlight, and chemicals. These things cause the rope to wear fast. Similarly, don’t use any acids and oxidizing agents on it for cleaning.
  • Wash it always after every magnet fishing adventure; it removes abrasive dust and keeps your cord looking new.
  • After washing it in cold water without detergent, allow it to air dry for a few days before putting it inside the rope bag.

A Pair of Gloves 

If this kit is missing one thing, it is a pair of gloves. A nice pair of gloves will make your hands love you what working with paracord rope. It is also nice to not have bare hands when you pull up a piece of metal that is all gunked up. Read our guide on the best gloves for magnet fishing to really complete this kit.


On the whole, this magnet fishing kit has everything you need to explore different bodies of water. Furthermore, it comes in a high-quality safety box which is great for transporting your magnet fishing equipment. All the products in this kit are great and look sturdy for kids. Only the quality of the gloves isn’t exceptional; it is good to test them before changing them.

If your kid is already interested in magnet fishing and has other equipment, you can give this kit as a gift. He will love it and enjoy going with it on treasure hunts.

It will be a perfect addition to his treasure trove of gear.

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