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How To Avoid Losing Your Fishing Magnet

Losing a fishing magnet is one of the things magnet fishers dread the most. When this happens, most magnet fishers are always left heartbroken and downtrodden. Besides, who won’t be sad when his/her precious magnet (regardless of the price) is down at the bottom of the water? The question remains; ‘are there ways to prevent … Read more

Best Magnet Fishing Knot Techniques

Getting your knot technique right is very important for magnet fishing. Your rope knot should be perfect because anything short of perfection can lead to you losing your magnet. If you want to learn about the best magnet fishing knot techniques, then you are in the right place. Below are some of them. The Palomar … Read more

Magnet Fishing Knots

We learn the skill of magnet fishing by tying its knots. Since if you don’t know how to tie good knots, you can drop your expensive magnet and some valuable assets as well. In this guide, we are going to reveal which knots are the best for magnet fishing and what type of knot not … Read more

How To Make Money Magnet Fishing

Magnet fishing is very similar to metal detecting and similarly, can turn up some serious surprises. Instead of old pieces of metals, it can give you the actual treasures that could change your life forever. For that reason, some people associate the magnet fishing term with ‘treasure hunting’. According to them, this hobby isn’t just … Read more

How To Clean Magnet Fishing Finds

Most of your magnet fishing finds are going to be covered in rust. They won’t be in pristine shape and have a deformed outer surface since they have spent months, years, or even decades underwater. The oxidization and corrosion eat the metal and deteriorate its physical properties. If you have pulled out a rare find, … Read more