Single vs Double-Sided Fishing Magnets

Single vs Double-Sided Fishing Magnets

Single vs Double-Sided Fishing Magnets

All magnets are not equal, and different magnets are better in different situations. Everyone knows you need a great pulling force to pull up the heaviest loads up out of the water. But that is far from the only or the most important variable you should consider before choosing which magnet to use in a given situation. Let’s talk about the differences between single and double-sided magnets. It is especially important for beginner magnet fishers to learn the benefits and shortcomings of them. This guide will aim to help you decide which one is best for you.

Double-Sided Fishing Magnets

The double-sided fishing magnets don’t have tilting problems; they are always on their flat sides which is their strongest part. Unlike single-sided magnets, they have a magnetic surface on each side which is the biggest advantage and doubles your ‘catch zone’ as you cover more area rather than single spot over and over. Besides, it snags on rocks less often; you don’t face surface obstacles even if you are dragging it instead of pulling it in up and down motion.

You can use this magnet in two ways.

First, use the same pull method like the single-sided magnet (sink and pull it up), and second, drag it along the canal or river. The good thing is you don’t have to ponder which side is dragging flat to the bottom of the canal or river since it is the double-sided version.

It catches more things than the single-sided magnet.

The drawback of the double-sided fishing magnet is they often don’t have the same pull force as the single-sided fishing magnet. Even if they are offering the same or better pull force, they will be a lot heavier. Bear in mind, companies advertised the combined power of both sides. In a way, the force of each side is halved… Choose it carefully.

Best Double-Sided Fishing Magnet:

2,600 lb Brute Magnets Double-Sided Neodymium Fishing Magnet Fishing Bundle

Brute Magnetics 1,200 lbs double-sided magnet fishing bundle
Configuration Double-side
Diameter 4.57″
Weight 14 lb
Pull Force 2,600 lb


  • 1,300 lb of pull force on each side makes for an incredibly powerful magnet
  • 65 feet of 8mm double braided rope with carabiner
  • Cut resistant gloves
  • A durable, hardshell, waterproof case
  • Capable of both singled-sided and double-sided configuration
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We like everything about this magnet; it is heavy, strong, and well-packaged. The dimension of this double-sided unit is 4.57″ x 1.58″ with NiCuNi coating. The two eyelets it comes with are both made of stainless steel.

Though it is a 2,600 lb magnet, each side provides 1,300 lb of pulling force. This is an incredible amount of power and it will pull up clank onto heavy objects with ease. Due to this immense power, you have more versatility and options to find treasures. You can even use it as a single-sided magnet as it offers a stronger hold especially if you are pulling it perpendicular to the target. You truly get the best of both worlds!

Brute Magnetics have really thought of everything and have magnet fishers at the core of their thinking. The eye bolt gives you enough space to tie any knot you want. We recommend mainly using the double-sided configuration; and switching over to a double-sided configuration in a scenario where you need to utilize its advantageous perpendicular pulling force physics.

Single-Sided Fishing Magnets

A single-sided magnets’ pulling strength is all concentrated on a single side, which is also the bottom of the magnet. The optimal technique to use when using a single-sided magnet is by dropping the magnet vertically into the body of water you are fishing in a and pulling it directly back up. Drop your magnet off of an elevated area like a bridge, river edge or lake and sink your magnet vertically and pull the object rather than dragging it along the bottom of a body of water. Keep moving your magnet around to different areas while using this technique.

If you pull or drag a single-sided magnet horizontally through water the magnet will roll over on its back. Because of this the magnetic side of your magnet will not be facing toward the optimal direction. You will find it very hard to catch anything using the pulling technique with a single-sided magnet.

The main advantage of buying a single-sided fishing magnet is its more powerful pulling force compared to a double-sided fishing magnet; typically by a factor of two. Their pulling force is concentrated on a single side and is not shared between two sides, like a double-sided magnet. Single-sided magnets are best used in situations where you need a high pulling force and are hunting a specific area.

There is a very useful DIY guide on how to make your single-sided magnet more reliable by covering it with a bottle. The purpose is to prevent the magnet from tilting when pulling up a heavy find or rolling over if you need to drag it through water. We recommend just buying a proper double-sided magnet if you plan to use the dragging technique.

Best Single-Sided Fishing Magnet:

Brute Box 880 lb Magnet Fishing Bundle

Brute Magnetics Junior Kit For Kids
Configuration Single-side
Diameter 3.54″
Weight 7 lb
Pull Force 880 lb


  • 880 lb of pull force is an ample amount of power
  • A high quality polyester, 1/4″ double braided nylon rope included with a strong carabiner
  • A lightweight, hardshell, waterproof carrying case
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This magnet is an absolute beast.

It is so strong that you need to keep it away from computers or other electronic devices. The rating of this magnet is N42 which means it has a maximum energy product of 42 MGOe. It is made with an A3 steel plate and coated with nickel-copper-nickel. Brute Magnetics is a well renowned name with a strong reputation in the magnet fishing community. They have tested their efficiency on a professional level and ensured that its pull strength meets the stated values and exceeds the expectations of professional magnet fishers.

That’s why they stand behind their quality craftsmanship and offer a 100% guarantee. The package contains one magnet and a 6ml bottle of 242 medium thread locker. Add 2-3 drops on threads and screw them into the eyelet. It prevents the eyebolt from losing your magnet.

After using this magnet, don’t forget to rinse it off with fresh water and dry it before storing it. If you don’t rinse and dry your magnet properly, it can become scratched and susceptible to rusting.


So, which one to pick?

Both magnets have benefits and drawbacks and both of them can be used to find treasures in the water. We believe it is down to personal opinion and choice. It depends very much on your magnet fishing style too. If the only option you have is to sink and pull it up, opt for the single-sided magnet, otherwise, the double-sided fishing magnet would be better for you.

Many people think that a single-sided magnet is better for the beginners than double-sided, and we support this notion too. However, the difference between both of them is so minimal that it is not worth arguing about. For instance, mostly beginners hunt from a high spot like a bridge or dock; they don’t have enough money to get a kayak or other watercraft to search the entire area.

In this case, the single-sided magnet works just fine. Double-sided magnets are for those who are on the same level as water.

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