Best Places to go Magnet Fishing for Guns

Best Places to go Magnet Fishing for Guns

When people opt for magnet fishing hobby, they often look for safes and cash boxes. The thing they don’t perceive is guns are also one the greatest finds in magnet fishing. They aren’t the common find, but they come up regularly when you are least expecting them.

Many magnet fishing hobbyists have found guns in water.

Recently, in February 2020, a Windsor resident, Bill Hutton, pulled a gun out of Detroit River. It was a 22-caliber bolt-action single-shot rifle, developed by a Canadian gun manufacturer Cooey in the 1970s. Though it was a special find and as a World War II relic, it was pertinent to call the cops and informed regarding the gun which is an essential aspect of this hobby.

Since the gun can be connected to a crime, even if it has spent untold years in the water caked in mud. It is a prohibited item that you cannot store or sell for profit.

The rule is to contact the cops at once and inform them regarding your find. You shouldn’t clean it or transport it on your own; it can be loaded and cause injury.

We know many people find a heavily rusted gun and keep it in their homes to brag about their skills and special finds, but it is against the law.

People who use magnets to search for underwater treasures, particularly guns, should know about the state laws as well. There are some canals in which magnet fishing is prohibited, and second, state police ballistic units always take the weapons for further analysis. If you won’t inform them on time, they can arrest you and file criminal charges against you. The gun would be a piece of evidence and you won’t be able to prove your innocence if it is found in your home.

But how do you know a gun you have found is connected to a crime?

Is there any way?

Yes, there is a way that can assist you in comprehending which gun is used in the crime. For instance, if you are magnet fishing around the large cities like London, New York, or Manchester, there is a high chance the gun is used in the crime. Canals near cities are the safest place for criminals to dispose of their weapons. They use them in a robbery or murder and then get rid of them in a canal or river as soon as they can.

They perceive that the cops won’t be able to find the weapon in a canal and without evidence filing criminal charges against them can be tough.

However, when you find a gun and hand it to the police, it becomes their job to link it to crime and bring the criminal to justice. But you can take the pictures and boast about them. It is always thrilling to find a weapon, and it is more special than a common metal item.

There is another way to find out which gun is used in a crime.

Remember the name and type of old war guns used in WWI and WWII. Some famous WWI and WWII guns are Browing Automatic Rifle, Chauchat, Lewis Gun, Maxim Gun, M1911 Pistol, Mosin Nagant Rifle, P08 Pistol, and etc.

If you find anyone of these guns, you have to search the area more. It can be a WWII ammunition dump… You can find more precious guns and sell them for profit.

Below are some great places to magnet fish for guns.

1 – Panama Canal

It is an artificial 82 km waterway owned by the Republic of Panama.

This canal system connects the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, therefore, it is one of the most strategic artificial waterways in the world. During World War II, the defense of this canal was the United States’ chief concern due to the military infrastructure within Panamanian territory.

The U.S. army protected it against sabotage and repelled enemy forces at sea through it. The total strength of the garrison was around 13,500.

For that reason, it is a hot spot for finding World War II guns.

2 – Suez Canal

The Suez Canal is in Egypt. It offers a more direct route and also reduces the journey distance from the Arabian Sea to London.

In 1956, it faced a brief war between Egypt, Britain, France, and Israel. Furthermore, in 1967, the Israeli forces occupied the east bank of the Suez Canal after a six-day war. The wreckage of that conflict can be seen even today along the canal’s edges.

If you want to magnet fish for guns, the Suez Canal should be on the top of your list.

You can find British, French, and Israeli weapons in it. Fortunately, you can use your kayak on this canal. Though make sure you have the license; you need to register your kayak first and pay the registering fee before testing your magnet fishing skills on it.

3 – Kiel Canal

It is formerly known as Kaiser-Wilhelm-Kanal.

The Kiel Canal is 98.7 km in length and links the North Sea to the Baltic Sea. It was constructed during the Denmark-Norway era. It has a great commercial significance but it is mainly famous for facilitating the movements of the German naval fleet.

At the end of the first world war, the German forces administered it and enabled their warships to use it. The Adolf Hitler government repudiated its international status and kept it under its control for commerce and war.

But after World War II, it was reopened again for all traffic.


It is possible to find guns if you are magnet fishing in the right location. You have to avoid traditional angling and look for the places that are either famous for history or have an association with lots of criminal activities. If you are new to magnet fishing, it is better to start your search from your local waterway instead of traveling to other places.

It is imperative to understand first what kind of objects can be found in the canals and how the canals are used as a dumping ground for criminal activities.

Besides, famous canals like Suez and Panama have extraordinary depth. A standard magnet or rope won’t work well in these kinds of canals. It is important to have experience and proper equipment for magnet fishing in these places.









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