Tips For Magnet Fishing With Kids

Tips For Magnet Fishing With Kids

Magnet fishing is great for entertaining kids. It injects curiosity in their veins and compels them to study history. Besides, it is a great source of exercise too as they throw and retrieve the magnet over and over to find something valuable.

However, when it comes to the kids, it is pertinent to be careful.

Since magnet fishing is a thrilling hobby, but it is also packed with many dangers, as most of the time you will be removing dirty, rusty metal items that can injure your child. You never know what you will find next; it can be a gun or a grenade as well.

Therefore, today, we are revealing some exceptional tips if you are thinking to go for magnet fishing with kids. They will protect you and make your magnet fishing adventure successful.

1 – Get The Gloves

For kids, it is immensely important to wear gloves.

They will protect their hands from infection and contamination. Try to get rubber gloves for them as they are waterproof and provide a tight fit which is needed for magnet fishing. Rubber gloves are also ideal when working with sharp objects; they won’t let your kids have any cuts or bruises while holding heavy metal objects.

The rubber gloves are available in different thicknesses. It is better to choose a tad thicker glove for children because it protects their skin from chemical burns. They probably won’t relish it; it would be tough for them to feel what they are doing, but safety comes first.

2 – Knotting Is Critical

Teach your children the most awesome knot for magnet fishing.

Learning to tie a knot is interesting and can save your life as well in a million ways. Especially, when it comes to magnet fishing, you need to be a master in it since you don’t want to lose your expensive magnet in a river or canal. You need to have a reliable and trustworthy knot that can conquer all rough conditions and pull heavy weights rather comfortably.

There are a few knots you can try, such as Uni Knot (also famous as Hangman’s Knot), Figure 8 Loops, and Palomar Knot. All these knots are easy to learn and don’t break free or come loose. Some ropes come pre-tied on a clip but we won’t recommend them. There is no fun using those ropes and it is hard to teach your kids about their knots too.

3 – Visit Heavy Populated Areas

Going to the wild isn’t a good option, particularly with kids.

They are not trained for rough conditions and it would be tough for them to enjoy magnet fishing. Besides, in an isolated location, your chances of finding something valuable is diminished, as it isn’t used by lots of people. Instead, visit heavily populated areas with historical importance.

Isolated locations are for fishing, but populated areas are good for magnet fishers as they are looking for metal dropped into a lake or river. In the USA, some popular lakes are Lake Michigan, Lake Tahoe, and Lake Erie. They are the hot spot for finding something valuable. You can also test your luck at the Black River Canal and Alexandria Canal due to their historical importance. People often drop knives, coins, and metal objects in these places.

4 – Call The Authorities

Teach your kids how to call authorities if they find something explosive.

Lots of dangerous things are hiding in the water; they can explode and give you a nasty infection. Many people have found grenade while magnet fishing. It is one of the deadliest magnet fishing catch and you have to be immensely careful about it as grenades are ready to explode anytime. They are mostly from the WWI and WWII era. That’s why they should be stored by the authorities until detonated safely.

Similarly, it is common to find stolen guns that are connected with crimes most of the time. Most criminals hide them in canals and rivers, so you should be prepared for them as well. Don’t take them home as they can be loaded and put you in trouble.

5 – Try Different Techniques

Magnet fishing isn’t only about dropping and pulling the magnet.

First, try those techniques that are suitable for your kids too. For example, instead of using a single-sided neodymium magnet, get a double-sided magnet and opt for throwing it and walking in another direction to cover the maximum area. This is easy for kids and they don’t have to pull the magnet over and over again; it also improves the chances of snagging an item.

However, it is good to have multiple magnets since some locations don’t support throwing and dragging the magnet closer to the shore. You have to count on the bridge and try the drop and pull method. It can be tough for children as they have to use their strength a lot but this method is also beneficial in gathering items from the bottom of a lake.

6 – Antibacterial Gel

Magnet fishing is a messy affair.

You are going to deal with lots of mud, seaweeds, and even worms. For that reason, you must protect yourself and your kid against bacterial exposure. The antibacterial bacterial gel can be used before and after magnet fishing.

Some people use antibacterial soap which is also a good choice. It reduces and eliminates the bacteria successfully which often leads to a skin infection. But if you are opting for antibacterial soap, bear in mind, you have to wash your hands well. Especially, for children, it is essential as they touch their faces often and can deal with illness.


These tips won’t just protect you and your kids but also increase your potential finds rate.

Lastly, researching your local area for magnet fishing is a great investment. Learn about the history of the local waterways to have better and valuable finds. It is your job to turn ordinary time into extraordinary and make it special for your kids.

Also, teaching kids how to save up all the scraps and sell them for profit will boost their interest and make them fall in love with this hobby more.

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