Magnet Fishing Accessories: What You Don't Want To Be Caught Without (Complete Buying Guide)

Magnet Fishing Accessories: What You Don’t Want To Be Caught Without (Complete Buying Guide)

When going on a magnet fishing trip, there is two main equipment you need and they are; the rope and the magnet. However, to make the magnet fishing activity more enjoyable or successful, you need some other accessories.

We will be listing some of these accessories here and what you can use them for. We will also be reviewing some of the best ones for you. This way, you will not only know these accessories but you will also be able to get the best ones.

1.  Threadlockers

The best magnets for magnet fishing usually have an eyebolt. And the way this eyebolt works is that it is threaded to the magnet. When the thread is well fitted, you can then attach your rope to the eyebolt to lift your magnet and your finds.

But, over time, the threads tend to wear out due to continuous use. And when this happens, the eyebolt won’t secure safely to the magnet. This, in turn, can lead to you losing your magnet.

However, there is a solution for the thread wearing out. All you need to do is to get a good threadlocker and you’ll never have to worry about this issue again. The reason is; the threadlocker will keep the eyebolt’s thread in perfect condition.

Below are some of the best threadlockers which we recommend for you.

Permatex 24300 Surface Insensitive Threadlocker Blue

Permatex 24300 Surface Insensitive Threadlocker


  • It is suitable for different applications
  • It is powerful
  • The threadlocker is removable using hand tools
  • Offers protection against vibrations


  • The bottle is way bigger than its contents
  • It has a shelf life of fewer than 2 years
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The first threadlocker on our list is the Permatex 24300 Surface Insensitive Threadlocker. This threadlocker comes in a pack of one and 6 which means you can always buy multiple at a slightly discounted price.

Also, it is a medium to high strength threadlocker which is great for different uses. And one of these uses is for your magnet’s eyebolt. Furthermore, we like that this threadlocker helps in keeping the eyebolt in place regardless of the amount of vibration it faces.

Lest we forget, this is not suitable for fasteners that are less than 6mm. You are advised to use the threadlocker for fasteners that have a size of 6mm to 20mm. Removing the threadlocker is also very easy as all you need is a hand tool to disassemble it.

Loctite 1330906 Threadlocker

Locktite 1330906 Threadlocker


  • It is secure
  • It is easy to use
  • You can disassemble it at any time
  • Ideal for multiple applications


  • Some customers complain about the bottle being half empty
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Another great option for you is the Loctite 1330906 Threadlocker. Also, this is a blue threadlocker which makes it medium strength. In light of this, you can easily disassemble the locked thread using a hand tool.

Furthermore, it is very secure and you do not ever have to worry about your eyebolt detaching from your magnet. Besides, it is also secure against vibrations and extreme stress. This is one threadlocker we’ll recommend for magnet fishers.

Again, it is easy to use. And as we have stated before, it isn’t a permanent threadlocker which means you can take it off at will. Finally, you can use it for multiple applications and you will still get your desired results.

2.  Hand Wipes

Hand wipes are also an important accessory to have when you are magnet fishing. Yet, a lot of people will disagree but we will be telling you why you should have a good hand wipe.

Sometimes, you will have to deal with mud, debris, and lots of dirt when magnet fishing. These elements can affect your grip which might make it hard to pull your finds. Besides, it can lead to you losing your magnets.

But when you have wipes, you can easily get rid of these mud, debris, or dirt. However, you can’t use all types of wipes for this. We will be recommending some of the best wipes you can use when magnet fishing below.

Grizzly Industrial H1297 Scrubs In A Bucket

Grizzly Industrial H1297 Scrubs in a Bucket


  • Great stain remover and highly regarded in the industry as one of the best hand wipes


  • No cons
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Are you looking for the best wipes to use when magnet fishing? Then look no further than the Grizzly Industrial H1297- Scrubs In a Bucket. This is a very tough industrial wipe that guarantees that whatever it wipes becomes clean.

Furthermore, the wipes come pre-moistened which makes it easier for wiping off dirt. Not only that, but it is also lightweight and because of this, you can easily carry it on your magnet fishing trips. Also, it contains 72 pieces of these powerful towels which means you have more than enough to use for a long time.

Moreover, it is great for removing lots of stains. Some of the stains it can remove include oil, lubricants, tar, ink, grease, etc. Besides, you can also use it for cleaning your hands or even for cleaning your tools or accessories like magnets, and carabiner.

In light of this, rest assured that the Grizzly Industrial H1297 Scrubs In A Bucket will serve all your magnet fishing cleaning needs.

GOJO Fast Towels

GOJO Fast Towels


  • It has a sweet scent
  • It contains skin moisturizers
  • It is great for removing tough stains
  • Comes I different sizes


  • No cons
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Another good hand wipe or towel you can go for is the GOJO Fast Towels 6298-05, Blue. This hand towel is very impressive and there are lots of features we like about this towel. First, the towels have a citrus scent. In light of this, whenever you use it, you will have a sweet scent around you.

Also, the towels are wet which makes it easy to remove stains from surfaces. Besides, this is an industrial grade towel and it is capable of removing grease, oil, dirt, mud, etc. from surfaces. With this towel, rest assured that cleaning your hands and magnet fishing accessories doesn’t get any easier.

Furthermore, it contains skin moisturizers which are great for dry skin. The moisturizers also help in preventing skin irritation. Finally, it comes in 125 counts and 225 counts which gives you an option for your specific needs.

Blue Monster 77095 Heavy Duty Citrus Scrubbing Towel

Blue Monster 77095 Heavy Duty Citrus Scrubbing Towel


  • It has a citrus scent
  • It is tough
  • Ideal for many uses


  • Sometimes, the moisture isn’t enough
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The Blue Monster 77095 Scrubbing Towel is another wipe you can use on your magnet fishing trip. Like the previous hand towel we reviewed, this also has a citrus scent which leaves your hands smelling nice after use.

Also, it is great for cleaning tools, hands, and hard surfaces. Moreover, if you want to clean grease, oil, mud, dirt, etc. then this is the right wipe for you. Besides, this is also because the towel is tough and it has a great texture.

Again, it has a cleaning solution that dissolves and absorbs all types of dirt. In light of this, rest assured that this is one cleaning towel that will serve all your cleaning needs. Also, we like that the towel is highly moisturized. It is also tender on the skin. Because of this, you won’t be having any negative skin reaction from using this towel.

Lest we forget, it has two sides. One of the towel’s sides is rough which is ideal for scrubbing. On the other side, you will find a smooth surface for cleaning easy dirt. In general, this is one great towel or wipe for magnet fishing use.

3.  Knife

There are many ways to utilize a knife when magnet fishing. Sometimes you might find that your rope has frayed a little on one part. And using it to magnet fish can lead to you losing your magnet. Because of this, the best thing to do is to cut your rope. But how do you cut the rope if you do not have a knife? So, you see, this is one reason you need a knife.

Furthermore, there are some other situations where you will need a knife. One of those cases is when you run into a snag. So, in general, a knife is a very useful accessory for magnet fishers. And below are some of the knives we recommend for magnet fishing.

Gerber Fast Draw Knife

Gerber Fast Draw Pocket Knife


  • Features a stainless steel surgical blade
  • It has a durable clip
  • The knife is lightweight
  • It has a fast draw feature


  • The deploying mechanism isn’t the most durable
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When choosing any product, it is very important to consider the history of the product’s manufacturers. This is what we did when we were searching for a good knife for magnet fishing. We settled for the Gerber Fast Draw Knife. And one reason we did that is that the Gerber Company has a long history of producing quality products.

And we were not disappointed because of so many reasons which we will share with you shortly. First, the blade has a tactile texturing nylon handle. This handle feels good in the hand and it allows for better handling of the knife.

Also, the blade is made of high carbon surgical stainless steel. With a blade like this, rest assured that the knife will cut through anything easily. Besides, because it is stainless steel, this is one blade that won’t rust. In light of this, it is ideal for magnet fishing because you will be using it near water without any fear of rust.

Furthermore, the knife is very light and it has a fast draw feature. This feature works in a way that you can pull out the knife when folded and use it with one hand. With this, you will find the knife usage seamless.

We also like its pocket clip. The clip is sturdy which means it won’t come off hereby preventing it from getting lost or theft.

Kershaw Emerson CQC-K Pocket Knives

Kershaw Emerson CQC K Pocket Knife


  • It has a versatile cutting edge
  • It is very sharp
  • The knife is rust and wear-resistant
  • It is durable
  • The knife is stylish


  • It is not ideal for left-handed people
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The Kershaw Emerson CQC-K Pocket Knife is another knife we like. The knife has a stainless steel blade which is great against corrosion and wears. Besides, the blade also has a non-reflective black oxide finish that helps to protect the blade from elements that can destroy it. In light of this, the knife is one that you will enjoy and use for a long time.

Furthermore, the blade has a versatile cutting edge. With this knife, you get blades to cut different materials or packages. Also, this knife can be used in cutting meat, drilling holes, etc. We also like that you can open this blade quickly. You can choose to open it manually or wave it – military style. In general, the knife is very stylish and it has multiple uses.

However, one thing we do not like about the blade is that it is only great for right-handed people. The clip is positioned in such a way that left-handed people can’t easily draw the knife. So, if you are left-handed, we will advise that you check out another knife.

CRKT M16-10S EDC Folding Pocket Knife

CRKT M16 10S EDC Folding Pocket Knife


  • It has a stainless steel handle
  • It has a good frame lock
  • It is durable
  • Triple point serration feature


  • The knife is small
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The last knife we will recommend to you is the CRKT M16-10S EDC Folding Pocket Knife. The knife is a very sharp one and it can cut through almost anything. We also like that it has a triple point serration. Because of this, you can use the knife for different cutting purposes.

Also, the blade and the handle are made of stainless steel. And with this, you can rest easy knowing that you have a long-lasting knife in your possession. Another feature of the knife is its frame lock. The lock allows you to keep the knife closed and opened at will. This is a safety feature that protects you from accidents.

Furthermore, the knife is easy to draw. You can use one hand to draw and unlock the knife. This makes the usage of the knife smooth. The only flaw to this knife is that it is small. Magnet fishers with big hands can have a hard time using the knife.

4.  Carabiner

A carabiner is a great accessory for magnet fishers. But the question is; what is the use of a carabiner? The answer is simple; the carabiner is used in place of a knot. We know this sounds confusing but we will explain this soon.

First, the knot is always tied to the eyebolt of the fishing magnet. And instead of using a knot, you can attach the rope to the carabiner which you will then lock on the magnet. The carabiner is very secure and it eliminates situations of badly knotted ropes.

Also, with the carabiner, you get better movement with the rope. Moreover, with better movement, you get to lift your finds better.

O-Shaped Steel Climbing Carabiner

O Shaped Steel Climbing Carabiner Useful for Magnet Fishing


  • It has a 5,600lb pulling capacity
  • It is durable
  • It is CE certified
  • Features a single hand screw lock system


  • It is heavy
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The O-shaped Steel Climbing Carabiner is a strong carabiner that we recommend for magnet fishing. It is made from high strength stainless steel which means it is not only strong, but it will also not rust. With this feature, you can throw the carabiner into the water for as many times as possible and it will still retain its shiny look.

Furthermore, it can pull a load of up to 5,600lb which we can all agree is ideal for magnet fishing. Besides, this carabiner has an asymmetric shape that helps in spreading the load on it equally.

It also features a single hand screw lock system. With this feature, you can easily lock the carabiner with one hand. This is great because sometimes, your other hand might be occupied.  Again, it is CE certified for safety which means you do not have to worry about the carabiner breaking provided you do not exceed its weight limit.

Finally, we recommend this carabiner for magnet fishers but it is heavy. In light of this, only full-grown adults should use this carabiner.

XTEC Climbing Aluminum Locking Carabiner Clip

XTEC Climbing Aluminum Locking Carabiner Clip


  • It is lightweight
  • The carabiner is ideal for multiple purposes
  • It is durable
  • It has a pulling capacity of over 5000lbs


  • None
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Do you want a lightweight carabiner? Then you should look no further than the XTEC Climbing Aluminum Locking Carabiner Clip. As the name implies, this carabiner is made from aluminum which makes it very light. Yet, regardless of its lightweight, it is tested and approved by the UIAA for quality.

With this carabiner, you can successfully pull weight of up to 5,171lbs. And you can agree with us that it is quite impressive. Also, with its single-hand smart screw lock system, this is one carabiner that you can easily handle or use. We also like that the manufacturers made it in such a way that the weight on the carabiner is equally distributed on it. With this, expect the carabiner to do well against pressure.

Furthermore, it is durable and safe. It is also great for different activities. You can use this carabiner for climbing, sports, and industrial purposes. Again, it is an anodized aluminum carabiner. This means that the chance of this carabiner rusting is very slim. In light of this, rest assured that the carabiner will retain its beautiful look for a long time.

ANSOWNY CE Certified 25KN Screwgate Locking Carabiner Clip

ANSOWNY CE Certified 25KN Screwgate Locking Carabiner Clip for Magnet Fishing


  • It is lightweight
  • It is durable
  • The carabiner is CE certified


  • None
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The last carabiner on our list is the ANSOWNY CE Certified 25KN Screwgate Locking Carabiner Clip. The carabiner is made of the highest quality aircraft grade 7075 aluminum alloy. So rest assured that this is a very strong carabiner that can withstand extreme pressure.

Besides the carabiner has a pulling force of up to 5500lbs which we can all agree is ideal for magnet fishing. Not to mention, it is also CE certified for safety which is a plus for those that want to use it for climbing. Also, with a weight of 75 grams, you can agree that it is very light. Yet, it is very strong too.

Furthermore, it has an auto-lock design that locks the carabiner immediately you twist the lock system. We also like that the carabiner is good for multiple uses ranging from sports to hiking, climbing, etc. Finally, it comes in a pack of two which means you have a backup carabiner if anything happens to the one you are using.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have some unanswered questions about magnet fishing accessories? Today might be your lucky day because we are going to be answering some of the most asked questions about them below. And hopefully, your unanswered question might make it here.

QUESTION: Should I Carry All The Accessories Along When Going For Magnet Fishing?

ANSWER: The reason you bought the magnet fishing accessories is that you want to use them. We will advise that you carry all these accessories with you when you want to magnet fish. This is because you do not know the one you will need.

QUESTION: Can I Keep All The Accessories In The Same Place?

ANSWER: We will advise that you keep your knife away from your rope as it might cause the rope to fray. Also, keep other metallic accessories away from your magnet. Aside from these, you are free to put the other accessories in the same place.

QUESTION: Are Carabiners Necessary If I Can Make A Good Knot?

ANSWER: This boils down to individual choices. Like we mentioned before, carabiners are a great option because most people do not know how to make a good knot. So, if you are confident of your knot, then you can stick with the knot instead of spending extra money on getting a carabiner.


Coming to the end of this article on the best magnet fishing accessories, you can see that these accessories are very important. Also, just in case you are confused about which accessories to go for, we sneaked in some of the best in each category. Finally, we will like to hear from you which of these accessories are a ‘must-have’ in your magnet fishing tool kit.

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