Magnet Fishing In The Ocean

Magnet Fishing In The Ocean

As a magnet fisher; whether new or old, have you ever thought about magnet fishing in the ocean? I can imagine you chuckling at that thought. This is probably because of the depth of the ocean or because of the strong waves and tides in the ocean.

So, you think this is a bad idea. But purge that thought from your mind because magnet fishing in the ocean can be a place to get amazing finds. Besides, if you think about it, some of the best places for magnet fishing are areas that are frequently visited.

And if you think about it, you will see that the ocean fits this bill. However, we know there are some things to be worried about magnet fishing in the ocean. Do not worry about that because we will be telling you about the best places to magnet fish in the ocean. We will also tell you places to avoid when magnet fishing in the ocean.

Benefits Of Magnet Fishing In The Ocean

Magnet fishing in general has its benefits. But the benefits of magnet fishing in the ocean are also enormous. Check out some of them below.

You are Likely To Get Better Finds

The ocean, especially the beach is usually filled with people. And anywhere people are gathered, there’s a high probability of them losing their valuables. And some of these valuables can include knives, coins, jewelry, etc.

Because of this, the ocean is a hot spot for magnet fishing finds. So, one major benefit of magnet fishing in the ocean is that; the probability of finding something great is high.

There’s More Fun At The Ocean

Magnet fishing itself is a fun activity but sometimes, after numerous unsuccessful attempts, you might become tired of it. But this is different when you are magnet fishing at the ocean.

When magnet fishing at the beach, after unsuccessful attempts, you can always bring out your surfing board. You can lie on the beach coast to have a tan. There is so much more you can do by the beach to have fun.

You Learn More About Nature

The ocean is one of the best natural hot spots on the planet. There are lots of animals, and sea creatures to see in the ocean. So, while magnet fishing, you can see creatures like crabs, turtles, fishes, and also learn about them.

Not only that, but you can also learn the behavior of the ocean when magnet fishing. You get to study the tides, the waves, and many more.

Best Places To Go Magnet Fishing In The Ocean

As you can see, magnet fishing in the ocean has its benefits. And now what is left is to learn the best spots for magnet fishing in the ocean.

The Beach

When you think about the ocean, one of the first places that come to mind is the beach. One major reason is that the beach is very popular. And because of this, it also makes for a great spot for magnet fishing.

The reason is simple- a beach is a tourist attraction for people visiting an area or a country. Not only that, but locals are also always trooping to the beach for relaxation and other fun activities. And as you know, the more people that visit a place, the more likely it is for them to lose their valuables.

Moreover, you will also find a lot of people with metal detectors trying to find these lost treasures. But sometimes, metal detectors are not enough. This is where magnet fishing comes in. Because a long rope and a good magnet will reach depths a metal detector won’t reach.

So, if you want a good place for magnet fishing in the ocean, then there is no better place than the beach.

On Boats

Boat trips are always fun for anybody. And almost everybody will want a day out in the middle of the ocean in a boat. But the fun can be doubled when you come back from your boat trips with treasures.

This is why magnet fishing on boats is enjoyable. All you have to do is to throw your magnet in the middle of the ocean and you might be lucky to get a good find. Besides, another good reason for magnet fishing on boats is that nobody will disturb you.

You can access any part of the ocean of your choice. This is a luxury you are not afforded on beaches. However, you have to note that you are not always assured of getting a good find. But the experience and fun are unmatched.

But one thing you need to know is that you should not try to magnet fish on a cruise ship. Also, make sure the boats you are fishing from don’t have metal hulls. This is to avoid situations where the magnet will get stuck to the boat’s metal hull.

Fishing Piers

Fishing piers are hot spots for fishermen and people in general. And fishermen tend to use a lot of metal tools or accessories. And often, these fishermen lose some of these metal tools and accessories.

But as a magnet fisher, you can come in with your magnet and find these lost tools. Besides, one great thing about magnet fishing at fishing piers is that you have a concentrated area to magnet fish. Because of this, guesswork of good spots at the ocean is eliminated thereby increasing your success rate.

Moreover, you can also find fishing piers at rivers, ponds, etc. So, this means fishing piers are not restricted to oceans alone.


If you can go far into the ocean to find a sandbar, then you are most likely to get a good find there. But what is a sandbar? A sandbar is an area of sand above the sea level. Usually, when people visit sandbars, they tend to get carried away and lose some of their metal valuables.

Also, the waves are unpredictable and you might not know what the wave will wash across the sandbar.

What To Avoid When Magnet Fishing In The Ocean

The ocean is very wide and there are lots of places to get good magnet fishing finds. Yet, there are some places you should avoid when magnet fishing. Some of these places are dangerous and can be fatal. Other places can also be a waste of time. Read about these places below.


The coral reef is referred to as an underwater ecosystem. And because of this, it is a natural habitat that should not be disturbed. Because you are looking for a good magnet fishing find should not mean you have to destroy the environment in the process. We as humans should try our possible best not to cause havoc to the environment. And one way to do that is by leaving reefs as they are.

Besides, even if you throw your magnet into the reef, there is a high chance that you might lose them. Another reason to avoid magnet fishing around reefs is that divers are usually exploring these places. And your magnet can cause them damage.

One reason is that they usually wear a lot of metal gear and your magnet can get hooked on them. So, in conclusion, there is no reason why you should magnet fish close to reefs.

Dumping Sites On Oceans

We genuinely do not think anybody will want to magnet fish at a dumpsite. But just in case you think a dump site will house some interesting finds, then you are in for a surprise. You will have to plow through a lot of rubbish on a dumpsite.

Besides, you are also likely to lose your magnet in the heap of rubbish. Also, it is very dangerous. This is why we will advise that you save yourself the hassle of magnet fishing in ocean dumpsites.

Sunken Ships

Magnet fishing near sunken ships is a bad idea. You might think a location like this will have a lot of amazing finds. This is possible but the cons outweigh the pros. One of the biggest cons of magnet fishing near wrecked ships is because these areas are usually very deep.

And the depth of the ocean will mean one thing- you need a longer rope. But if we are being honest, getting a long enough rope for this area is a daunting task. Besides, even if you get the rope, the depth of the water means the distance of pulling the rope is longer. And this means the rope will soak in more water which in turn, makes the rope heavier.

In light of this, magnet fishing near sunken ships can be very dangerous and stressful too. So, you should avoid it.


The prospect of magnet fishing in the ocean is limitless. There are lots of things you can find and the fun you will derive from the experience is unmatched. We will like to hear your views about magnet fishing in the ocean. Have you tried it before? Do you look forward to trying it? leave a comment below.

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