1,300 LB Mutuactor Neodymium Magnet Fishing Complete Kit

MUTUACTOR 1300 LB Heavy Duty Neodymium Fishing Magnet Complete Kit Review

Magnet fishing is an interesting hobby and getting the right accessories can be challenging. One of the major challenges is buying different accessories and waiting for them to be delivered. Some manufacturers recognized this problem and decided to put all the necessary accessories for magnet fishing in one place. In light of this, it is … Read more

Magnet Fishing In The Ocean

As a magnet fisher; whether new or old, have you ever thought about magnet fishing in the ocean? I can imagine you chuckling at that thought. This is probably because of the depth of the ocean or because of the strong waves and tides in the ocean. So, you think this is a bad idea. … Read more

What Is A Neodymium Magnet

As a magnet fisher, you must have heard about neodymium magnets multiple times. And you might be wondering what these magnets are and what they do. In this article, we will be discussing neodymium magnets in detail. We promise that by the time you finish reading this article, you will know almost everything about neodymium … Read more