Everything You Need To Know About Magnet Fishing For Gold

Everything You Need To Know About Magnet Fishing For Gold

As we all know, magnet fishing is an activity that involves using magnets and rope to pick up metals from a water body. And a lot of people keep wondering if a magnet can pick up gold.

This is a valid worry since gold is a type of metal. And it is only natural to wonder if you can be lucky enough to pick gold with your fishing magnet. But do not worry because we will be telling you everything you need to know about magnet fishing for gold.

Is Gold Magnetic?

Since we are interested in finding gold with our magnets, then it is important to know if gold is magnetic. The simple answer to this query is that gold is not magnetic. Gold is classified as diamagnetic metal. This means that gold cannot be attracted by magnets. It also means that gold cannot be turned into magnets.

Besides, pure metals like gold and silver can also repel magnets. And this even makes it almost impossible to get pure gold finds when magnet fishing. But does this mean you should forget about picking up gold with your magnet?

No! You shouldn’t. And the reason is; often, gold jewelry is combined with other metals. You can find a necklace with a combination of gold, nickel, and other magnetic metals.

And when your magnet finds these types of mixed gold jewelry, rest assured that it will pick it immediately. In light of this, because gold isn’t magnetic doesn’t mean you cannot find gold when magnet fishing.

Which Magnet Will Pick Up Gold

Just as we mentioned before, no magnet can pick up 100% pure gold. But if the gold is mixed with other magnetic metals, then there is a good chance that a good magnet will pick it up. So, what type of magnet will pick up a piece of golden jewelry mixed with magnetic metals?

The answer is simple – any magnet can pick up this golden jewelry. But not all magnets are strong enough to pick up the steel at the bottom of the water. To simplify our statement; we mean any magnet can pick up the magnetic metal on land. But under the water is a different ball game.

The pressure under the water is immense and a very strong magnet is needed. And the go-to magnet is the neodymium magnet. You can check out our article on neodymium magnets here. You will learn everything there is to know about these special types of magnets.

However, not every neodymium magnet will do a good job of picking up the golden jewelry. For the best results, you will need a powerful double-sided neodymium magnet. Also, if you are confused about the magnet to choose for this, you can check out our list of best magnets for magnet fishing here.

In the list, there are different magnets you can choose from and we assure you that most of them will do a good job.

Gold Plated Metals

You must have heard about metals especially jewelry that are gold plated. But what exactly does it mean for jewelry to be gold plated? The first thing to know is that gold plated jewelry is not gold jewelry.

When jewelry is said to be gold plated, it means the jewelry is originally made from metal. And it has a thin layer of gold applied to it. Also, the thickness of the gold layer varies in different jewelry as you can easily scratch off some and others; not so easy.

Furthermore, you cannot measure the amount of gold on gold plated jewelry. And the bottom line is that a gold plated jewelry is not gold and that the gold plating is just for aesthetics.

Also, the thin layer of gold on the metal means you can pick up some gold plated jewelry easily with a magnet.

Gold Filled Jewelry

Again, contrary to common belief, gold filled jewelry is not golden jewelry. But when you compare it with gold plated jewelry, gold filled jewelry is far superior. Besides, gold filled jewelry is measurable and this is something a gold plated jewelry doesn’t have.

The reason for this is because gold filled jewelry is made by wrapping sheets of solid gold around a base metal. Also, just like gold plated jewelry, the thickness varies. And sometimes, the makers of the jewelry can mark the jewelry with the weight of gold in the gold-filled jewelry.

Finally, some gold-filled metals or jewelry are magnetic. And you have a good chance of finding them with your magnet.

Gold Overlay Jewelry

Gold overlay jewelry is also like gold-filled jewelry. These pieces of jewelry have a thick coating of pure gold. Also, gold overlay objects or jewelry tend to last very long and they are very valuable too. Again, like the gold filled jewelry, this is made using extreme heat and pressure.

Furthermore, one key feature of gold overlay jewelry is that the pure gold weight can be less than 1/20 of the jewelry’s total weight. Also, any gold overlay object will have a stamp from the manufacturer that indicates its quality.

What Karat Of Gold Will Is The Most Magnetic?

Gold is usually measured in karats and karat mostly indicates how pure the gold is. In light of this, the higher the karat, the more pure the gold is. But the highest karat of gold you can find is 24 karat. When gold is rated 24 karats, it means it is close to it being 100%. And when gold is 100%, it will not stick to your magnet.

Furthermore, you can find 18 karat gold. 18 karat means the pure gold in a material is 75%. And the remaining 25% is made up of other materials like base metal. Still, the probability of you picking up 18 karat gold with your magnet is almost nonexistent.

Also, there is 14 karat and 10 karat gold. Any material that is 14 karat gold means 58.5% of the material’s weight is pure gold. Finally, with 10 karat gold, the gold takes up 41.7% of the material’s total weight. Because of this, we can conclude that the 10 karat gold is the most magnetic.

How To Clean Your Gold Finds

If you are lucky enough to find metals with elements of gold, then you will need to clean them. But you should be careful when you want to clean them to avoid ruining your finds. Moreover, you will be learning the safest way to clean your gold finds in a moment.

Cleaning gold finds is not like other metals because it requires a delicate touch. Besides, gold filled or gold plated finds do not need serious cleaning like other corrosive metals. And the easiest and safest way to clean your gold finds is by using some simple materials in your home.

First, you need to get a mild liquid soap or detergent, a bowl, warm water, and a soft toothbrush. With these simple materials, rest assured that you can clean your finds effectively.

To start cleaning the gold find, first, make lather with your soap and warm water. Next, dip the gold find in the water and use the soft brush to scrub it. Make sure you are gentle while doing this because gold is delicate.

Furthermore, if you find that the dirt isn’t coming off, you can soak the gold in the soapy water for a few hours before cleaning. Lest we forget, be cautious about the type of soap you use. Ensure the ingredients of the soap are safe. Again, do not use bleach to clean your gold finds as this can ruin them.

Finally, after you are done cleaning your precious find, proceed to dry it with a soft cotton cloth. Also, you have a choice of taking this jewelry to a jewelry shop for cleaning. This is at a little cost and you have a guarantee that they will do a good job.

Other Non-Magnetic Precious Metals

There are various non-magnetic metals. Examples of these metals are bronze, silver, and brass. But one thing about silver is that it can be mixed with other magnetic metals. And because of this, you have a chance of picking up silver with your neodymium magnets.

Moreover, if you are lucky to find silver when you are magnet fishing, you can clean it by using the same cleaning process for gold. Remember that the key to cleaning silver and gold is mildness. This is to ensure that their value isn’t affected.


We have completed this article on everything you need to know about magnet fishing for gold. We hope you learned a lot from this article. This is because the purpose of writing this article is to educate you on magnet fishing for gold. If you didn’t, then we have failed in our task.

However, we will like to say; finding gold accessories or jewelry is not common. And it will be beneficial to you if you don’t set out looking for gold. Because if you do, you are likely to return home disappointed.

Finally, we will like to hear from you if you have ever found gold during your magnet fishing trips. If yes, how did you feel? Share your experiences in the comment section.

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