How strong does your fishing magnet need to be?

How strong does your fishing magnet need to be?

Magnet fishing involves throwing a magnet attached to a rope into a water body to pull metal objects out. This sounds very easy but the problem is; sometimes, the magnet might not be strong enough to lift what it attracts.

Also, there is a problem with the magnet just being too strong for your magnet fishing activity. In light of this, it is important to find a magnet with the right strength. Moreover, the right magnet strength should also have weight and size considerations.

This brings us to the question “How strong should a fishing magnet be?” In this article, we will be exploring the ideal strength and size of a fishing magnet for different purposes. This will be an insightful read and you will be able to make better magnet fishing buying decisions.

The Ideal Magnet For Magnet Fishing

Before we tell you how strong a fishing magnet should be, it is important to know the ideal magnet for magnet fishing. There are lots of strong rare earth magnets that are great for magnet fishing. Yet, the neodymium magnet remains the best type out of the lot.

If you are wondering what a neodymium magnet is, you can head on to this article. We wrote extensively about this type of magnet and we are sure you’ll learn a lot from the article. Importantly, you need to know that neodymium magnets are very strong which makes them ideal for any magnet fishing purpose.

Also, neodymium magnets are great options commercially. Not only that, but they also tend to last longer too.

Recommended Fishing Magnet Strength for Different Users

Our focus in this article is on neodymium magnets. And we will be telling you the strength recommended for different magnet fishing users below.

For Beginners

As a beginner in magnet fishing, you should take gradual steps when choosing your neodymium magnets. And the reason is simple; since you are just starting your magnet fishing journey, the weaker the magnet, the easier it is to control.

Furthermore, when the magnet is considerably weak, the less chance it is to hold on to heavier objects. And because of this, magnet fishing beginners can use less heavy finds to master their magnet fishing techniques.

However, the strength of the magnet for beginners should not have a pulling force of lower than 350 lbs.  For magnet fishing beginners, we will recommend using a DIYMAG 500lb fishing magnet.

This is a mid-strength fishing magnet that has all the attributes of a high-quality magnet. But the most impressive quality of the magnet is its ability to retain its strength for a very long time. With this magnet, rest assured that you as a beginner will have a strong neodymium magnet in your arsenal.

However, because we recommend a magnet of 500lbs for beginners does not mean you as a beginner can’t use a stronger one. The reason behind our recommendation is purely based on ease of use. So, if you feel you are strong enough, or if you feel you should be able to handle big magnet fishing finds, then you can go for stronger magnets.

For Experienced Magnet Fishers

As you begin to gain more experience in magnet fishing, the need for a stronger magnet arises. You will want to get bigger and heavier finds. Because of this, we will recommend that you go for fishing magnets that have a pulling force of up to 1000lbs. But do not go for these stronger magnets if you do not have good control over the weaker magnet.

Besides, one way to know that you need a stronger magnet if you can throw and pull a 500lb magnet with ease. Lest we forget, even if you can use the weaker magnet easily, you still need to consider your strength. To break this point down- if you do not have the power to pull something heavy, then it is best you stick with a  500lb magnet.

If you are an experienced magnet fisher and you are confident of being able to handle heavier finds, then we a stronger magnet for you. You should check out the DIYMAG Super Strong 1500lbs Neodymium Fishing Magnet. Besides, you can also check out our list of best magnets for magnet fishing here. In the review, you will find some of the strongest magnets for magnet fishing.

Different Magnet Strengths for Different Locations

Magnet fishing can be done in different locations. And some of these places include creeks, rivers, ponds, over the bridges, etc. We will be explaining how strong your magnet should be when you fish in some of these areas below.

Shallow Waters

If you are going to be fishing in shallow waters like creeks, then you do not need a very strong magnet. And the reason is that; the magnet fishing finds in this area are mostly small. And you are most likely going to be able to pull the finds with a 500lb magnet.

However, because we said a 500lb magnet is ideal for shallow waters, it doesn’t mean you can’t use a stronger magnet. All we are saying is; a 500lb magnet will still do a good job there. But if you feel you have better control of your magnet fishing ability, then you can get a stronger magnet that can be utilized in deeper waters.

Deep Waters

Deep waters can be the ocean, under bridges, or big rivers. And in these places, you are more likely to find bigger objects. In light of this, you will need a very strong magnet to pull these finds. This is why we will always advise magnet fishers fishing in deep waters to always go for magnets with 100lbs pulling force or more.

Also, if you are magnet fishing in deep waters, you can use smaller magnets too. But do not expect to get good finds with it.


A canal is another place where you need a strong magnet. You are likely to find bigger metal objects in canals and you should have a strong magnet to take advantage of this. Besides, canals can be a gold mine for magnet fishers and the probability of getting a good find here is high. If you want to learn more about magnet fishing in canals, you can read that here.

When you should be using strong Fishing Magnets

There are some metals that only strong magnets can pick. We will be highlighting some of these materials which you will have a better choice of picking with strong magnets below.


To pick up jewelry when magnet fishing, you will need a very strong magnet. This is because pieces of jewelry usually have a low concentration of magnetic metals on them. Sometimes, the clasps of the jewelry can be the only part with magnetic metals. And this means it will be hard for weak magnets to pick them up.

However, you might be lucky to find mostly magnetic jewelry. But in general, to be able to pick up jewelry, your magnet should be as strong as possible.


Asides the fact that bicycles are very heavy, they also do not have enough surface area for a magnet. This is why you need a magnet strong enough to hold any part of the bicycle it touches. So, if you anticipate picking up a bicycle when magnet fishing, you should go for magnets with pulling force of up to 1300lbs or more.


There is a limited type of tool that is 100% metal. For instance, the larger part of a hammer is made of wood. Pliers and screwdrivers also have most of their parts insulated. As you can see, a good number of these tools do not have a 100% metal body. Besides, some of the metal parts of the tools might not have good magnetic properties.

In light of this, fishing for tools requires a strong neodymium magnet for success.

Does my Magnet lose strength over time?

Magnets tend to lose their strength over time. But the rate at which different types of magnets lose strength varies. But among all the types of magnets available, neodymium magnets tend to lose their strength less. Besides, in 10 years, a neodymium magnet might not lose up to 10% of its strength.

So, the simple answer to the question of if magnets can lose their strength is yes. But in the grand scheme of things, the loss of strength of a quality neodymium magnet can be inconsequential. This means that you are less likely to notice that your fishing magnet isn’t as strong as it was.


We hope we have been able to answer the question “How strong should a fishing magnet be?” Also, we hope you enjoyed this article. Importantly, we hope you learned a lot from this article too. Because if you didn’t, then our purpose of writing this article is defeated.

Besides, if you enjoyed this informative article, you will also enjoy our other articles. Check them out and share your thoughts about each topic in the comment section. Finally, we will like to ask you to tell us the pulling force of your magnets and where you use them below.

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