The Dangers of Magnet Fishing

The Dangers of Magnet Fishing

Hunting for metal submerged in canals and rivers isn’t easy. There are latent dangers that can sign the death warrants of your life. For that reason, today, it is known as one of the most dangerous hobbies, as we have many official stark warnings regarding magnet fishing.

Magnet fishing has recently received a lot of media hype.

People from all over the world are using high-powered magnets to drag up a host of objects for fun and extra income. However, it can be dangerous and risk your life.

We have many stories today that reveal how this hobby killed some magnet fishers and put some people in danger. Since they play with the unknown; it can be a World War I mortar or a 21st-century grenade. Therefore, professional magnet fishers hold safety in the highest regard; they conduct a full-risk assessment before throwing their magnet in the canal.

Magnet Fishing Dangers – Stories

These days, magnet fishers aren’t just finding treasures.

There are many other alarming discoveries that are injecting the fear in their veins and jeopardizing their lives. For example, in 2019, BBC published a story about how a magnet fisher, Nigel Lamford, found two mortar shells. The law enforcement agencies closed the road for six hours while dealing with it. There were sirens and blue lights all over the place.

It looks frightening, and it is dangerous, however, for Nigel Lamford, pulling something up as a grenade gives you an adrenaline rush.

After this incident, he found popularity on social media. Though it was a dangerous episode, his story still inspired lots of people to opt for this hobby. We also discovered that this wasn’t the only time Nigel encountered this situation. He has already pulled out a grenade before from Northamptonshire’s water, in addition to 100 bullets and 13 guns.

In 2019, another fisherman, Alexander, pulled a World War I mortar from the Grand River. But before informing the police, he posted a picture of it on Facebook. After receiving hundreds of comments telling him it was a mortar, he called the police.

Similarly, we have another story of a 9-years old boy who was on a fishing trip with his dad and found a grenade. Fortunately, his dad was a retired forces soldier and knew he needs to get help right away, as the pin was already pulled and the grenade was ready to explode.

It doesn’t matter whether you find a grenade or mortar; the thing that most people don’t ponder is these types of weapons are too dangerous to transport.

Since police officers don’t have the skills to handle them.

They have to call the bomb squad too for help.

Is There Any Other Danger?

Yes, one of the primary dangers is the type of magnet you are using.

Most people use neodymium magnets for magnet fishing. They are immensely powerful, made of metal, and conduct electricity. Due to their extreme power and acceleration, if you put two magnet together, it is possible one or both magnets could chip or shatter.

Therefore, if you have two magnets, make sure they are stored separately and safely. Don’t let them leap towards each other in any way, otherwise, they will slam together with great acceleration and their chips can fly off at high speed into someone’s eye.

Especially, children can be a victim of this situation as they love to play with magnets.

Don’t place the neodymium magnets near power outlet either as you can suffer from any electric shock. These things aren’t directly related to magnet fishing, but the equipment can harm you or lead to contusions and bruises.

Apart from this, keep in mind that magnet you use for magnet fishing is usually ten times stronger than ordinary magnets. It is imperative for you to keep a safe distance between them (20 cm) and other objects that can be damaged by magnetism, such as, TV, laptop, and watches.

The neodymium magnets are often nickel-plated also. This metal can cause an allergic reaction to those who can’t be exposed to the objects that release nickel.

It is tough to determine how much or little it takes to trigger a nickel allergy, but it is good to know this as a precaution if you avoid contact with nickel-plated objects.

Recommended Safety Considerations

Here is our recommend safety consideration; follow them if you want to stay safe and enjoy magnet fishing without any fear.

  • Don’t forget to wear gloves; they protect you from cuts and rope burns.
  • If you are a child, make sure your parents or a responsible guardian is with you. Since they perceive how to tackle a difficult situation. Their presence can save your life in a million ways. In case you are over the age of 18, it is still good to inform your parents regarding where you are going and when you expect to be back.
  • Always go for magnet fishing with a towel and a hand sanitizer.
  • Take a mobile phone and first aid kit with you as well. It is good to have basic first aid training tips; learn how to use adhesive tape, antibiotic ointment, gels, and cold packs.
  • Contact local authorities straight away if you find a gun or grenade; don’t try to check them on your own and don’t leave them unattended. These kinds of weapons pose a danger to people and wildlife.


Magnet fishing poses many dangers, but it is a fun hobby.

The risk of finding explosive devices is much lower, but it is still better to follow all the safety measures. Typically, the real danger lies near old military bases as they were the prime targets in World War I and World War II. Even if you find a gun, contact the authorities at once as it could be tied to a crime that could impact your life in many ways.

Lastly, before you go out, ensure you understand all the laws that dictate magnet fishing in your area. This will help you avoid legal issues and let you relish countless hours of exploring.

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