The Best Rope for Magnet Fishing

The Best Rope for Magnet Fishing

Magnet fishers perceive so well how challenging it is to find a good rope for magnet fishing. Since it is the most important piece of equipment. If it is not good, you can lose your precious, expensive magnet and won’t be able to pull up the heavy objects.

A good rope is always designed to be easy to control.

Over the years, companies have produced a variety of ropes; some are impervious to water while others have their value in rescue situations.

Each rope is unique and has specific strengths and weaknesses.

Unfortunately, there is not a particular rope that is well-suited for magnet fishing. Most ropes are promoted as climbing ropes, parachute ropes, or bungee cords. They have a wide range of capabilities. But don’t let the diversity scare you. You can follow a specific guideline to choose the best rope that will be right for your situation.

For example,

  • Never buy a cheap rope; you can’t economize at this part. If you don’t get a good-quality rope, you will probably end up losing your magnet.
  • We recommend three main kinds of rope materials for magnet fishing – paracord rope, polyester rope, and static rope. The paracord ropes are known for having immense pulling force, whereas the polyester ropes give a good grip. The static rope, on the other hand, is famous as a climbing rope; it doesn’t stretch and used to haul a load up.
  • The length of the rope also matters for magnet fishing. We suggest a minimum of 15 meters; the ropes you buy online often have a length of 20-25 meters. It is good to get a rope with extra length, as you can cut it and have the length according to your needs.
  • The recommended width is 6-9mm. This is more than enough to tie and won’t easily crack either. The width of the rope also determines the overall quality, though it doesn’t mean one should opt for an extra thick model, as it could be tough to tie and it absorbs water too.
  • Lastly, the rope you are buying should retain strength always. It is because if it loses strength when wet or dry, it won’t resist abrasion and can be broken.

Sunzor Static Rope (10mm) – Perfect For Magnet Fishing

This rope is great for all magnet fishers.

It is promoted as a climbing rope, but you can use it for magnet fishing due to its extraordinary features. First, it is light enough to carry and strong enough for heavy-duty use. The Sunzor manufacturers have created it for demanding work, therefore, professional magnet fishers count on it; the twists and textures on this rope give them a good grip and provide more stability while pulling up big and heavy objects.

We have tested its pros and cons; it is safe to say it is designed as an all-purpose rope. Not just for magnet fishing, you can use it for other adventures as well.

For that reason, it is our number one recommendation.

Here are some specific pros and cons of this rope.

10 mm Diameter

The 10mm diameter makes it an excellent choice of magnet fishing, you can even pull up a heavy bike without any trouble. According to its manufacturers, it has the ability to hold up to 4,945 pounds. But make sure you wear gloves with this, as it doesn’t have a softer surface and can burn your hand or cause skin damage.

20 Whole Core Rope

This rope uses 20 whole core rope for increased strength. The 20 whole core means 20 braided strands. Most ropes have only 13 braided strands, which shows this rope from Sunzor is much stronger than its competitors. Perhaps, for that reason, the manufacturers give a lifetime warranty, as they perceive the quality of their product very well.

Different Lengths

When it comes to length, you have many options. It is available in 33FT, 49FT, 66FT, and 98FT. Because of this variety in length, and the 20 whole core strength, one can make use of it for magnet-fishing, hiking, and boating. Furthermore, the skin sliding rate is 0.05%, which means you have a secure grip all the time.

Is there any drawback to this rope?

Well, if this question is revolving around your mind, the answer is ‘yes’. It is an excellent rope for general outdoor use but one shouldn’t use it for climbing. Since it is not suitable for hauls over 600 pounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) that will help you in comprehending the features of this rope more.

Does it absorb water?

We feel it has a dry core, but it does absorb a little water; it is lightweight already. It won’t get stiff or unmanageable. You can relish magnet fishing without any trouble.

What is the purpose of polyester material in this rope?

Polyester is a fantastic rope material used for demanding jobs. It doesn’t stretch under load, however, there is a low-stretch version too that slightly stretches and used for boats and horse leads. Sailing folks particularly love this material as it gives them a good grip and the knots stay firm even if they are wet.

What is the drawback of polyester material?

The main drawback of this material is it becomes discolored in water, but it retains strength.

What are the key benefits of a braided strand?

Braided ropes like this magnet fishing rope are great for high-friction situation. They’re generally smooth and have rounded form that doesn’t twist easily; every braid shares the load evenly.

How to store this rope?

It is pertinent to store this rope in a dry place; make sure it is not out in the sun as the UV rays can damage its durability. Also, untie all the knots before storing it.


So, listen to your heart and get this rope.

It is for all magnet fishing skill levels. It will keep you safe and keep itself from tangling up while you are pulling… You won’t have any difficult magnet fishing with this product.

We promise.

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