Best Places To Go Magnet Fishing

Best Places To Go Magnet Fishing

You have the magnet, you have the rope, however, the real question is which spots are the best for magnet fishing. It is pertinent to find those places where you can find many nice finds and earn some profit as well.

Magnet fishing is a cool hobby. But if you aren’t doing it in the right place, you won’t find anything‚Ķ Some places are better than others and packed with valuable treasures, such as:

1 – Near Historical Sites

If you are specifically looking for precious items, opt for historical sites.

One of the benefits of magnet fishing in historical sites is they have great historical significance. More than 50% of finds are precious and can be sold for hundreds of dollars. Unlike other places, you won’t pull out a hefty amount of junk. Instead, it is possible to find items like guns, swords, knives, and bicycles. They have immense value especially if they are associated with any memorable past event. You can take these items to your local museum for assessment.

They can give you a small finder fee or the percentage of the item’s value.

If the site is of great historical significance, you won’t be allowed to do magnet fishing. But you can use the maps to find small places that have historical importance.

For example, if you are in the state of Nebraska, try ‘Platte River’. Humans have lived near it for over 11,000 years. This was around the time when Moses was lost in the desert. It runs over 700 miles, therefore, you can expect to find many precious things in it.

2 – Old Wells

Old wells are the goldmines for magnet fishers.

If there is one place where you can find coins on a constant basis, it is an old well on a farm. Since farmers, their families, and many other people use these wells as a wishing well and toss in a large number of coins. If it is really old well, you can walk away with a large amount of cash. All you need is to probe the bottom of it with your powerful magnet.

Ensure that the well is also close to the town and villages. Because larger communities mean there has been more activity and traffic.

In case the town or the villages have been abandoned, you can still be lucky. It is perhaps not an important place today, but it was hundreds of years ago.

Apart from coins, one can discover ancient tools that can be considered collectibles by many individuals. Any ancient tool, if it is in great shape, can hand you a pretty hefty profit. Though you have to clean them first as they might have suffered water-based corrosion or damage.

In the United States alone, there are 1.7 million wells.

Unfortunately, their history is not well documented. Try your magnet fishing skills on any one of them, but make sure you have the permission of the farmland owner. There is a good chance they will let you try out their wells if you promise to share the profit.

3 – Rivers

Rivers have been used for thousands of years for shipping and transportation.

Particularly, rivers in big cities are heavily polluted with a high volume of items due to commercial and industrial areas.

Some unconventional items that come out of those waters are firearms, coins, glasses, metal bikes, car wheels, old-fashioned washing machines, and cell phones. It is better to try those undesirable locations where it is either unsafe to dive or just gross, as they have more latent treasures for you.

It will always be fun to see what emerges from beneath the water.

To magnet fish in the river, make certain that you have the magnet with 1,000 pounds pull strength. Since, in rivers, you often find heavy items; it can be really hard to pull the heavy stuff out of the river.

It is also good to find a river with a history or some past event. For example, the Mississippi River has seen a series of military actions. There were many campaigns and battles of the American Civil War for the control of this river.

You can find a large volume of old metal trash in these rivers too like abandoned pipes and old bicycles; their value can be relatively low but it is still possible to make a good profit.

4 – Underneath Bridges

Bridges are one of the most popular places for magnet fishing also, especially bridges that have been heavily trafficked but are now more or less deserted. They are an excellent choice for magnet fishers as hundreds of people travel over them during the day that increases their chances of dropping something valuable in the water.

If you are planning to test your skills on the bridge, make sure the water isn’t shallow. If it is only 2-3 feet deep, it is rather easy to get it back. Therefore, it is hard for you to find anything valuable in them.

Instead, opt for the bridges where water is much deeper.

The depth of water is an ideal place to get rid of stolen objects. That’s why many people find money boxes and lots of other valuable stuff like a silver spoon with stainless steel end, large kitchen knives, and machine-gun bullets with the steel core.


On the whole, look for the bridges, ports, docks, historic sites, bathing lakes, old roads and shallows, and etc. All these places are the best for magnet fishing.

Just remember, you need to go where people are or have been. Places with a long history are great for magnet fishing and provide better discoveries. In urban areas especially, there are more promising spots that are ideal and people easily drop things for you to find.

Besides, avoid places with lots of currents, because the valuable things go away with the current. You won’t be able to find anything and it would be tough to use the magnet as well.

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