The 5 Best Canals to go Magnet Fishing

The 5 Best Canals to go Magnet Fishing

Magnetic fishing in canals is popular since canals have many ferromagnetic objects that can be pulled with a strong magnet. However, for most canals, you need to leave the urban environment and also learn about your state laws regarding magnet fishing.

But if your apartment is located near the canal, you are fortunate.

It would be easy for you to learn the local regulations before throwing your magnet in water. In some states, it is illegal and punishable by $25 if you remove any material from the canal. Therefore, make sure you have all the right information about your local inland waterway.

Before we reveal America’s top canals name for magnet fishing, first it is important to know why magnet fishing in canals is famous among professional magnet fishers.

  • Canals are packed with items, such as bicycles and grenades.
  • You don’t need to deal with too much debris or dirt.
  • It is safer compared to ocean magnet fishing.
  • You don’t need a kayak to cover the maximum areas of most canals.
  • They are often near the historically important sites.

Here are some important and famous canals for magnet fishing in the United States.

1 – Augusta Canal

This canal weaves threads of history.

It is located in Augusta, Georgia, and fed by the Savannah River. Ask any local in the Augusta that where the best place to go for kayaking or spending some interesting time, they will tell you it’s Augusta Canal. There are trails of biking and hiking and also the boat tours that highlight its history and operate year-round.

This canal is built in 1845 to harness the power for Georgia, however, it is one of those canals which are still used for its original purpose.

For magnet fishers, it is a great location as the civil war moved into Georgia in 1864. Furthermore, it is connected with many factories and populated areas; you can expect to find many precious items in it.

2 – Cape May Canal

It is a 2.9-mile nautical waterway that connects this region’s harbor to the Delaware Bay.

The special thing about this canal is it is built by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The main aim behind its construction was to avoid the German U-boats that were operating off Cape May Point. This shows it has glimpses of World War II and some special secret objects that can turn your dreams into reality and make you feel like a pro and successful magnet fisher.

There is a total of three bridges across this canal. Magnet fishing near those bridges will increase your chances of finding something valuable.

Besides, in summer, it is used for many recreational activities. There is heavy boat traffic during the summer. For that reason, it is possible to retrieve many items that are lost at its bottom.

3 – Cape Cod Canal

This canal is in the U.S. state of Massachusetts.

It has multiple access points that are turned into recreational areas. You will find picnic spots, restrooms, hotels, and parking lots that offer an exceptional opportunity to magnet fishers. Many families opt for Cape Cod Canal for group picnic options too. In fact, there are a few large picnic pavilions with grills that can be reserved for groups.

It also has a connection with World War II. It was protected by the artillery at the southern entrance and the ships were torpedoed too on July 3rd, 1942.

Apart from this, there are service roads on both sides of the Cape Cod Canal that are available for the public. People use them for bicycling, jogging, and walking.

4 – Columbia Canal

It is the main source of drinking water for the people of South Carolina.

During the civil war, the sites of this canal were used to create gunpowder. There were many mills that operated near it by the State Penitentiary. The state of South Carolina redesigned this canal also to produce power for its industry and railway system. There is indeed a powerhouse too which is about 600 feet away. It was developed for the first U.S. textile mill.

The thing most people don’t know is the Columbia Canal is near Riverfront Park. It separates this canal from the Congaree River.

It is a well-known spot for tourists and its connection with the Columbia Canal makes it special for the magnet fishers also. They can take a boat ride or enjoy a historic show at one of its historic theaters.

5 – Lehigh Canal

The Lehigh Canal is one of the largest capacity and longest-running canals in America.

It is 72 miles long and situated in Eastern Pennsylvania. The engineers built it in the 1820s to aid the bulk transport of goods and materials. Especially, iron was transported through this canal system with coal, which was the cornerstone of America’s industrial revolution. Apart from this, this canal fed many foundries and factories in Delaware River Valley and Allentown.

Therefore, for magnet fishers, it can be a hit. From guns to safes, they can find many valuable and rare items that can be sold for thousands of dollars.

If you are opting for Lehigh Canal for magnet fishing, remember that the portions of the canal’s towpath are unsafe. The eastern section, on the other hand, can be a good option as it has many industrial sites and buildings.


If a canal is close to your town, visit it and try your luck.

Since you need to know first what kind of situation you can face. For example, in case the canal is used to transport ships and cargo, it will become pertinent to get a rope with extraordinary length. But if it is near some industrial site, you can deal with contamination and a lot of debris.

Also, in some ancient canals, you can use kayaks; they are immensely helpful if you don’t want your magnet to get stuck. They also allow you to explore those specific areas which can’t be touched from the sides of the canal.

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