How To Make Money Magnet Fishing

How To Make Money Magnet Fishing

Magnet fishing is very similar to metal detecting and similarly, can turn up some serious surprises. Instead of old pieces of metals, it can give you the actual treasures that could change your life forever. For that reason, some people associate the magnet fishing term with ‘treasure hunting’. According to them, this hobby isn’t just for cleaning the waterways; you can find treasure and make money too.

How can you go to magnet fishing for profit? This is perhaps one of the most asked questions in the minds of beginner magnet fishers. Of course we all love the hobby itself, but who wouldn’t love to make some extra cash on the side, or score lucky with a big ticket item that could potentially change your life.

There have been quite a few cases of how magnet anglers are making good money on their magnet fishing hunts. However, don’t expect to make millions of dollars overnight. If you follow this hobby with unbounded passion, it can definitely replace the job and hand you healthy, nice profit each month. As you get further into your magnet fishing journeys you’ll begin to learn which spots are better than others to score on a more regular basis; a good example is more populated areas where people are boating often and bridges that are heavily trafficked.

Below are some of the common ways Magnet Fishers make money by going magnet fishing. If you’re just getting started magnet fishing consider checking out our latest Guide that teaches you everything you need to know about Magnet Fishing. It is a complete resource to learn about all aspects that are important in magnet fishing which will make your time finding treasures much more successful!

1. Save Your Scrap Metal And Sell It For Cash

Every single bit of scrap metal that you collect is valuable. It can be sold even in poor condition because metal is measured by weight and is melted down. Most beginners who take part in magnet fishing hunt may be disappointed when they do not find a valuable item on their first trip. Scrapping the various metal bits you find while magnet fishing is a great way to clean our waterways. It can also seriously add up to a nice layer of consistent cash if you magnet fish regularly.

It’s not uncommon to be finding at least $100 per week in scrap metal. We have come home with over $200 in a single day with what some people would call junk. To make as much money as possible magnet fishing, you definitely want to perceive these scrap metal objects as exchangeable for guaranteed cash! In the United States, scrap iron is around $0.17 per kg.

Scrap Metal Found While Magnet Fishing

Our advice would be to collect these metals over a period of time until you grow your pile so large you can go exchange it a warranted amount of money. You can just go ahead to your nearest junk yard with your scrap. They will weigh it and give you the going price. In some areas this price can sometimes be negotiated to a small degree; however, from what we hear unless you are bringing in a high volume on a regular basis you shouldn’t be expecting to have very much negotiating power.

It is also a great idea to give all the recyclers in your area a call. You can find out their rates and methods of payment ahead of time. This way you can choose the best recycler in your area faster. Have the negotiations ahead of time and be starting off with the best recycler in your area from the start. Make sure they are willing to provide you with the most amount of money and most convenient methods of payment. You should do your best attempt at identifying the types of metal you are bringing to your recycler or scrap yard so that you can receive the most accurate quotes. This method has real potential to be your main source of making money while magnet fishing. Consider it the bread and butter.

2. Sell Your Better Finds For Money Online

All metals aren’t scrap; some of them are valuable and can be sold for thousands of dollars. Most valuable metals and gems like gold, silver and diamonds are not magnetic. However, jewelry that is gold is very commonly mixed with other metals. These metals can be magnetic and are typically mixed with gold to make the gold stronger. Only pure gold would not be mixed with any other metals. As one could can imagine, a lot of “pure gold” jewelry is not actually pure gold!

Old Valuable WWII Relics Found Magnet Fishing

We also have many real-life cases that show people pulling up immensely valuable antique items like knives, watches, swords, guns, coins and sold them for thousands of dollars. The most common way to sell these items in with online auctions. It is important to know whether or not you should clean up the treasures you find or not. If you believe you’ve found a valuable antique item, we recommend not cleaning the item until you’ve identified the object or had it examined by a professional. You can severely devalue the items you find by cleaning them and destroying the integrity of the original material or finish that may still be intact. If you have found an old coin, you can read our guide on how to clean old coins found while magnet fishing without devaluing them.

Though bear in mind, it is not common to find treasures like these. When you go into magnet fishing, it shouldn’t be your primary goal to find the valuable items only. This mindset won’t let you earn anything. Instead, keep on collecting the items and searching different locations and you will continue to learn what areas produce better results. You will be making money with your regular magnet fishing finds while you collect these uncommon treasures. If you are serious about magnet fishing and want to ensure you don’t miss out on any golden opportunities, we recommend checking out some of our buying guides. Make sure you’re using the best possible equipment to maximize your chances of finding treasure.

Old Dangerous Bomb Found In River

There is indeed an entire market for valuable antique items like guns, swords, knives, and more. It is growing every day with the popularity of magnet fishing becoming more popular in the United States and other areas. Collectors are willing to pay top dollars for unique finds if they possess some unique value. Items where sentimental value is attached are especially valuable. Many magnet fishers have found WWII items and sold them for a fortune. In case you have found something unique but not sure about its true value, eBay is a great place to start.

Start offering your magnet fishing finds on eBay and see the money start to roll in. If you think you have found something ancient or any sort of WWII relic that could potentially be dangerous, we highly recommend having them checked out by a professional. Not only could you save yourself from a dangerous situation, you will also find out the true value of your item and you may be surprised by its value!

3. Capitalize On The Growing Hobby And Share Your Content

Sharing your magnet fishing finds with the rapidly growing community could certainly net you a low of views. Take photos of your interesting finds or record videos of your magnet fishing journey and share it with the community on a social media platform like YouTube. You’re already out there living the adventure these enthusiasts want to see. Get your phone out, snap some pictures, record some videos. Your side hustle is now to produce quality content.

Share your magnet fishing experience and tips through videos and use the right keywords in the title and description so that people can find you and follow you easily. People from all walks of life use these terms to find their favorite channels and learn new tips. With YouTube, it may take a while to get traffic and followers, so be patient. But once you are established and have dedicated followers, you start earning.

On average, YouTube pays $4 per thousand views.

Fortunately, this amount is scalable. When you upload videos on a constant basis, your subscribers’ count grows. Every video gets the attention and produces hundreds of dollars. All in all, the more videos you make, the better. A YouTube channel, or even an Instagram following, gives some other benefits as well. For example, you promote and sell others’ products as an influencer and earn a commission on the sales you drive from your platform.

Besides, you can also create a Web TV series and become a YouTube personality in the magnet fishing category. It facilitates in creating your own tutorials for the beginners which you can sell for any price you want. Your keen followers would love to pay for them. There is a surprising shortage of quality Youtube content, hence our focus on it, and how a consistent production of content can quickly gain you traction in a currently low competition category.

Apart from this, if you become successful on YouTube and turn yourself into an ‘influencer’, companies that develop magnet fishing equipment can contact for direct advertising and promotion. With this method, you receive incredibly large sums of money for partnering with brands. This of course would come after a pretty decent period of time of consistently producing quality content and would not happen overnight. It takes some serious time and effort to scale a platform to the point of monetization.

You Can Make Some Sweet Cash Magnet Fishing

When it comes to magnet fishing, remember one thing. The more you do it, the more you will earn. It is all about how much effort you are putting in this hobby. When you are determined and begin to look at it less like a hobby and more like a hustle, you will push yourself to find the best areas and in turn receive a really fulfilling experience magnet fishing.

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