How To Avoid The Dangers Of Magnet Fishing

How To Avoid The Dangers Of Magnet Fishing

Magnet fishing is a fun hobby. However, things can change from fun to dangerous in no time. Sometimes, these dangers can be fatal. This is why it is important to always take special precautions to avoid these accidents.

But, what are the possible dangers you might encounter while magnet fishing? Do not worry as we are here to educate you on these dangers. Not only that, but we are also going to be teaching you how to avoid the dangers of magnet fishing.

Dangers Of Magnet Fishing And Their Safety Precautions

Before teaching you how to avoid the dangers of magnet fishing, it is important to know what these dangers are. Below are some of the dangers every magnet fisher can face if proper care isn’t taken. We will also be giving you pointers that can protect you from these hazards.

1.   Risk Of Drowning

Magnet fishing like every other activity that involves a water body puts you at risk of drowning. And this is because of many reasons. One, when magnet fishing, you are at a close distance to the water. And, the closer you are to the water, the higher the risk.

Secondly, you’ll be pulling objects from the water. Sometimes, your catch can be very heavy and while you are pulling it, you might find yourself being pulled into the water. Besides, even if you fall into the water, you can always swim to the land.

However, the problem comes when you have other finds in your pocket which might weigh you down. When this happens, you might find it hard to swim which might eventually lead to drowning.

This brings us to the first safety tip to protect you from drowning which is- try not to put your finds in your pocket. Endeavor to stash your finds in a bag or bucket instead as this can ultimately be what will save you from drowning.

Furthermore, whenever you are out magnet fishing, always make sure that you are standing on solid ground or platform. This is to prevent situations where the ground or platform crumbles. And as you know, this can also lead to you falling into the water.

Again, it is advisable to go magnet fishing in pairs. The reason for this is; if by chance you fall into the water, your partner can always help you. Also, make sure you know how to swim before going on magnetic fishing trips. Your swimming skills can be the difference between just getting wet and drowning.

2.   Finding Dangerous Items

Another danger of magnet fishing is stumbling upon dangerous items or weapons. Your magnet can pull a gun, a knife, or other weapons. Now, when you find any of these items, make sure you do not handle them with your bare hands.

One of the reasons for this is to prevent you from getting hurt when handling the items. For example, if you are not careful and you let the knife cut you, you might be at risk of infections. Using a fishing glove can be of great help to you for these types of items.

Besides the risk of getting hurt, you might have stumbled upon a crime weapon. And the wise thing to do is not to get your fingerprints on the weapon. A fishing glove can also help you in this regard.

Also, if you find a gun, we will advise that you should not handle it even if you are wearing a glove. This is to prevent the risk of it going off which can hurt you or the people around you.

Furthermore, in the year 2019, two men named Rob Trowler and Gaz Thomas found a grenade believed to be from world war one. The danger of finding something as interesting as this is that; it can go off and cause casualties.

Again, if by chance you find a device as dangerous as a grenade, the first thing to do is to divert people from the area. After that, call the relevant authorities like the police to deal with it. Do not try to fiddle with the grenade as this can prove fatal.

3.   The Danger Of The Rope Tangling

Rope tangling is a common occurrence among magnet fishers. This is even more common when magnet fishers use multiple ropes. And one of the reasons why magnet fishers use multiple ropes is because it makes pulling of heavy objects easier.

Not only that but with an additional rope strapped to your magnet, you are less likely to lose your magnet. This is because when a rope breaks, there’s an additional rope holding onto your magnet.

As you can see, using an extra rope has its advantages. However, these advantages can take a sharp turn real quick if you are not careful. Before we talk about how to avoid the dangers of magnet fishing caused by tangled ropes, we should first focus on the dangers.

The major danger you can face during magnet fishing with a tangled rope is getting caught between the ropes. When this happens, you might find yourself falling into the water when you throw the magnet and rope into the water.

Furthermore, another problem with tangled ropes is the stress of trying to untangle it. Also, you’ll waste a lot of time trying to undo the tangling. One way to avoid rope tangling is to invest in quality ropes. You can also check out our list for the best ropes for magnet fishing to choose one.

Also, whenever you pull the rope out of the water, make sure you undo any twist you find in the rope. We understand that you will be eager to see what is attached to your magnet. But, you need to exercise patience because doing this can save you from harm.

4.   Power Of The Magnet

A strong magnet is very good for magnet fishing because it can hold on to your finds easily. However, it can also cause a considerable amount of damage if you are not careful.

One of the dangers of a strong magnet is fire. This can happen when more than one magnet collides. To prevent this from happening make sure you keep the magnets in separate cases when handling them.

Besides, some of the strongest magnets are made from neodymium. And when they collide, it can cause them to sinter. When this happens, particles of the magnets can fly around and enter the eye which can lead to serious problems.

Because of this, you should use protective eyewear at all times when you handle fishing magnets. Besides, protective eyewear is one of the most ignored magnet fishing accessories. Yet, it is one of the most effective ways to avoid the dangers of magnet fishing.

Furthermore, a powerful magnet can wipe off all the contents of a computer if handled inappropriately. We saw this happen in the Breaking Bad series when Walter White and Jesse Pinkman used magnets to wipe off evidence from a computer. Spoiler alert!!

So, to protect your electronic devices, keep these magnets away from them. Also, you can always put the magnets in non-magnetic cases or boxes. Another great option is to keep all your electronic device at home when going on magnetic fishing trips.

Again, remember to wear gloves while handling a magnet. This is to protect your skin as it is not uncommon for magnets to rip the skin.

Additional Safety Tips For Magnet Fishing

We’ve discussed how to avoid the dangers of magnet fishing. Now, we will be giving you some extra safety tips that will help you during magnet fishing.

1-   Do Not Jump Into The Water To Find A Lost Magnet

Losing a magnet can be heartbreaking but one thing to remember is; you can always buy another one. However, except you are a cat, you have no spare life. And you should always be wary of actions that can put you in danger. One of these dangerous actions is; jumping into the water to fetch a lost magnet. This can lead to drowning if you are not careful.

2-   Tell Another Person You’ll Be Magnet Fishing

Telling a close friend or family member you’ll be going for magnet fishing is very important. Also, make sure you tell them where and when you’ll be magnet fishing. Besides, you can always schedule a time to call or communicate with this person while fishing.

This is to ensure that you’re safe at all times. Also, if they do not hear from you, they can always call the relevant authorities. This is very vital should in case you get into danger.


The purpose of writing this article on how to avoid the dangers of magnet fishing is not to scare you. Rather, it is to educate you about the inherent dangers you can face during this fun activity and how to avoid them.

Besides, with the numerous safety tips for magnet fishing we talked about, you have no worries whatsoever provided you follow them. Finally, we’ll like to hear from you guys about how you keep yourself safe when magnet fishing.

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